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  1. Yahoo Email Delivery Fail

    Just received an email about an upcoming meeting. Then I noticed that date of the meeting is... Monday 22nd of November, which was yesterday. So I thought it must have been a typo. It should have been 29th, which is next Monday! Then I looked at the email more carefully, and noted that it was actually sent on the 18th, i.e. last Thursday -- 5 days ago! How come it only arrived my email inbox, which has been hosted on Google Apps for almost 2 years.

    Using "Show original" on Gmail gives away more clues on why this email is 5 days late. Here's an excerpt of the email header:

    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 23 Nov 2010 04:50:34 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 23 Nov 2010 04:50:33 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 18 Nov 2010 11:49:46 -0000
    Received: (qmail 8748 invoked from network); 18 Nov 2010 11:49:46 -0000

    So somehow this email was sitting on a Yahoo mail server for bloody 5 days! The hostname also resolves to [] which might be the culprit there. Looks like a major fault to me. I only missed a meeting -- but imagine missing a much more important message!

  2. Another Look on MyBlogLog

    MyBlogLog Logo I did blogged about MyBlogLog back in October, didn't I?

    Quite a few things happening afterwards. A few days after my previous "short review", I actually deleted my account there, because I just cannot stand their aggressive tracking script that "rings home" whenever someone clicks on some links. I guess that is why they are called MyBlogLog -- but I wasn't there for the statistics, but just want to build a community of readers of my sites.

    Anyway. Then they were bought by Yahoo! early last month. Well done man!

    So at the end of January, I applied for an account again. Lucky I got my old URL back, and was able to claim back all my sites as communities. Phew. Since the actually quite enjoyed what MyBlogLog can offer to my sites. The best feature gotta to be the Communities -- you get to see what other bloggers are reading your sites and build contacts. You also get to see who else are reading the same blogs that you are reading.

    There are still many issues -- some are publicly acknowledged, and some are just my personal gripe.

    • Spams -- just search Google, and you'll see how severe it is. Every now and then there will be people I've never heard wanting me to join his/her community or adding him/her as my contacts. Then there's also comment spam issue. There are many "popular looking" profiles up there, but how many are their real contacts? Don't know.
    • Stats Javascript -- still one of my biggest issue. The "widget" that you added on your website adds itself to quite a few "events". Well, they are necessary to track things like most popular links. However I don't want need site stats. AWstats from the server log is good enough for me, and I would like to track just the readers. Too bad you can't turn part of the tracking off.
    • Add a Blog/Site -- I was shocked how easy it is to claim a blog/site. Put in the URL, some description, click on a button, and it is yours! That makes Technorati and Google Webmaster Tools' claiming process way too complicated. Now let me see whether I can claim Google or Yahoo...
    • Lacks of Social Networking Features -- I guess at the end it was the social networking aspect that drove me to MyBlogLog (I've stated that I don't use the statistics). Now they have all member profiles, all the relations, etc, they ought to add more social networking functionalities on top. My secondary contacts? Find me someone in the system who shares more than 3 communities with me? Recommended communities from my current contacts? Etc...
    • User interface -- okay. It works. Just not pretty. Even Yahoo!'s homepage looks prettier.
    • Lack of Feed Integration -- it does not help when the majority of your "protential community members" are actually reading your blogs through RSS/Atom feeds. At least it is true in my case. I am reading through 300+ items in around 100 feeds everyday, but I rarely go down to the website unless I feel a need to comment. The end result is, I am hardly in any MyBlogLog community.

    Well. That's it for me. Still, it is a innovative service, and has been endorsed by the bloggers as it helps to build communities around our soapboxes. I am surprised that there hasn't yet been an imitation with all the short-comings already solved (then again I don't really read TechCrunch). But now with Yahoo's money and resource, we'll hopefully see more speedy development from these guys.

  3. YDN Python Developer Centre

    Simon of the Django fame has put together Python Developer Centre for Yahoo! Developer Network. Many useful articles on how to access Yahoo's API with Python, and hopefully there will be more upcoming.
  4. Yahoo! User Interface Library

    Yahoo! UI Library, recently released by Yahoo! under BSD license, is quite a shining piece of web development toolkit. It has all the nifty Javascript utility functions/classes to build your next Web 2.0 application, in a similar fashion to other toolkits like or Rico, but …
  5. Search Engine Referral Statistics

    Jeremy Zawodny looked at October search engine referrals to his site, and try to make sense why Google refers significantly more visitors to his site than Yahoo! or MSN, especially when the statistics released by search engines were actually comparable. He concluded that: There are two ways I can think …
  6. Yahoo Web Service

    Yahoo! Search Web Services. Somehow Yahoo! suddenly has became the "good guy" again, while the "do good" Google falls to the dark side. Jeremy Zawodny commented on how now uses Yahoo to back its site-wide search. It would be interesting to play around the API, or replace the …
  7. Yahoo MyWeb

    Yahoo! has released "My Web" as Beta, which integrates a nice social bookmark interface. For more information see the feature list. Maybe it'll replace my and BlogMarks account.
  8. Blog and Access Control

    One thing I really liked about Yahoo! 360 (ask me for an invite if you have not got one) is its implementation of access control. You can choose from multiple level of privacy for different sections of your Yahoo! 360. For example, you might want everyone on 360 to see …
  9. Yahoo 360 Invites

    Thanks to Oliver T for inviting me into testing out the Yahoo! 360 beta. I haven't had a chance to dip into it yet, but after a brief looking around, Y! 360 certainly looks very polished. While blog integrated social networking sites have been done to death over the last …
  10. Blacklisted (and it is real this time)

    9:30pm at night and got an ICQ message from Wilson, asking whether I have noticed that Yahoo is now labeling my server as bulk mail sender. So immediately I tested sending different messasges (all legitimate with non-spammy content), originated from different domains to one of my Yahoo account, and …
  11. Yahoo! Search Blog

    Yahoo! has launched its MovableType powered blogsite on its search technology. Sounds like Yahoo! is striking back. Well, in this era we all think that Google is the bad guy, and Yahoo! is the underdog. How things have changed! So far this month Google still brings me significantly more traffic …
  12. Yahoo! Bought Oddpost

    Yahoo! bought web-based e-mail application start up company, Oddpost. You can do a lot of things with Javascript and DHTML, and what Oddpost has done is nothing new. Doing it to be compatible with all major browsers (IE, Moz, Opera, Safari), however, is another story. But why oh why, would …
  13. 一搜

    一搜 or - Yahoo's Chinese search engine. Two things. (1) Big portal Yahoo! is moving back to simpler interface. (2) Mainland China is a big market, and Yahoo! surely knows that! Update: URL fixed.
  14. DomainKeys from Yahoo!

    Via Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo! has announced their anti-spam technology, DomainKeys. DomainKeys is a technology proposal that can bring black and white back to this decision process by giving email providers a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (i.e …
  15. 100Mb Mailbox from Yahoo

    CNN reports Yahoo would provide free users 100Mb mail boxes. While it does not compete against Gmail, it is still a good news to existing Yahoo users.
  16. Yahoo! Went Shopping Again

    It seems that Yahoo! does not just go shopping during Christmas. This time, Yahoo! is planning to buy Overture for 1.63 billion dollars. Overture is one of the leading PPC (Pay Per Click) search engine that provide services to other search engines, and it seems Yahoo! is really working …
  17. Yahoo's Christmas Shopping

    Sounds like Yahoo is doing their own Christmas shopping this time. Yahoo! is actually acquiring Inktomi, and that is a big news to the webmasters/SEO communities. Yahoo is probably one of the biggest portal site on the Internet, challenged only by MSN I think, where as Inktomi is a …