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  1. Bye Bye WordPress, Welcome Pelican!

    A new era for Scott Yang's Playground -- I am moving this off WordPress (which I migrated over from Movable Type almost 10 years ago.

    WordPress, IMHO, is just getting too heavy as a blogging platform that it once was. It is now a full blown content management system that can probably be used to construct 90% of the websites out there. In fact it has got so complex and with plugins that do almost-everything under the sun, I don't feel like I can keep up with the frequency of all the updates. Not just the core, but also all the plugins that you have installed. Almost got burnt by this one here on an installed-but-not-used plugin that was just 2 versions out.

    Keeping the software updated also got harder, when you are not that into blogging anymore. With only 13 entries this year (and 10 from previous years) this blog is far from its hey days (500+ entries in 2004).

    Not to mention the comment spams. Yes Akismet caught a lot of them, but still plenty slipped through. I have no idea why so many people wish to converse on this dying blog - turns out all they want to do is to inject a spammy link.

    So that's it. I'm done here with WordPress and I am moving to statically generated website that I can just drop in some directory and forget. No, nothing to do with being one of the cool kids, but being a Python developer I naturally picked Pelican as my new site generator.

    So far so good,

    • Installation is trivial with virtualenv and pip.
    • I have to write a script that takes a WordPress export RSS to individual output files.
    • Templating is also easy with Jinja2 that's been used by many frameworks.
    • I have not yet finalised on the publishing work-flow, as I'm currently just rsync the output files to the web-server. git integration coming soon.

    So far so good.

    Certainly one of my hope for 2014 is getting back to blogging again. Writing keeps me thinking (rather than just being "busy" doing things), and there are so many things that are worthwhile getting recorded down.

  2. Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

    Just ran this on my various blogs:

    $ svn switch

    WordPress And navigate to the Admin pages of the blog. Done -- WordPress upgraded to the latest and the greatest within seconds. Would be faster if something like git is used instead of subversion (which I found slower and slower than git or hg), but certainly no complain here.

    As of WordPress 3.0 -- not much changed on the surface. I am pretty sure Matt and gang have done the heart transplant under the bonnet, but these days I am so out of touch with the latest WordPress development I seriously have no idea what has been changed. It does chew up a bit more memory, which can be a problem if you are running tiny virtual servers.

    So far so good.

  3. WordPress 2.8 "Baker" Released

    Got it on WordPress' Twitter status:

    WordPress 2.8 "Baker" is now live to the world! (spread the good word)

    Yup. It is here, and you can read more about the new features here. To upgrade to the latest version using subversion while Automattic haven't tagged the 2.8 --

    1. Go into your previously checked-out WordPress directory
    2. Run svn switch -r 11549
    3. Navigate to http://yourblob/wp-admin/upgrade.php

    Done! You are running WordPress 2.8! Of course some plugins and themes might not work but who cares. You are now using the latest and greatest :) Most new features are admin panel related, but the one that interests me the most is:

    • Support timezones and automatic daylight savings time adjustment

    Yes -- it's about time!

  4. Open MicroBlogging on WordPress, Anyone?

    I have been trying to install so I can break free from Twitter, but haven't really got around to it. Then here comes the thoughts for today -- why there isn't a Open Micro Blogging plugin for WordPress, so I can just Write a short 140-character micro-blog-post, and then …
  5. WordPress Plugins - check before you upgrade automatically

    Back to the real reason why Permalink Redirect 2.0 was released. When you visit your WordPress' plugin manager page, and see the following notice... ... do not click on "upgrade automatically". Let me repeat, Do Not Click on Upgrade Automatically. Because if you do, you will not be upgraded to …
  6. Permanent Redirect 2.0 Released

    It has been a while -- you might have thought that I have abandoned that little WordPress plugin. It has been hanging at 0.8.x for a long time, but Fear Not! Let me introduce "Permalink Redirect Two Point Oh"! When the Web is about to enter into the era …
  7. From LiteSpeed to Nginx

    shyam: Goodbye Litespeed, hello Nginx, says Apparently the reason to ditch LiteSpeed for Nginx is, according to Matt M (but no quotes), that WordPress wants to run open source for their full stack. LiteSpeed is a nice (but expensive) async-IO based web server that provides full Apache compatibility …
  8. Securing Your Blog, or Else...

    Deep Jive Interests: TailRank Exposes Massive Number Of Blogs Hacked -- turns out all the latest spam sites are legitimate but hacked WordPress sites. I have also experienced a surge of trackback spams over the last couple of days, from hacked WordPress sites with their wp-content populated with static spammy content …
  9. Update - Permalink Redirect and ESVPopup

    Two small updates on my code snippet collections. Permalink Redirect 0.8.4 I have updated Permalink Redirect plugin to 0.8.4. The main functionality of this plugin has been replaced by WordPress' redirect_canonical() function since WP 2.3, but somehow some people are still using this plugin for …
  10. Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3 'Coz of Security Issues, Again!

    Went to the Aussie Bloggers forums this morning and spotted this post on an urgent WordPress upgrade (yes, I usually troll in the forums early in the morning instead of reading RSS feeds). WordPress 2.3.3 has been released fixing a few minor bugs and a security issue. Yes …
  11. WordPress 2.3 "Dexter" Released

    WordPress 2.3 "Dexter" is now ready for the world, and the new features include native tagging support, plugin update notification, URL handling improvements and more. It has been five months since the release of 2.2 "getz", and they are indeed picking up the development speed. Great if you …
  12. Permalink Redirect 0.8.1 and Gravatar Cache 2.0

    Sorry I have not been updating this blog. There are simply way too many commitments in life for me to maintain "yet-another-blog", so I think I might eventually fold after two years of on and off writing. I will continue to publish code snippets at our personal blog …
  13. WordPress 2.2 Released

    Matt: WordPress 2.2 "Getz" has been released. Of course, "Getz" came from the Jazz musician Stan Getz. However the first thing that popped up in my head is actually this Hyundai's little tinbox. So what do we have? WordPress Widgets -- Never going to use it as I don't even …
  14. Do You Need Permalink Redirect?

    Via CaveMoney50, Alister Cameron wrote about Two WordPress Plugins You Don't Need and Shouldn't Use. Number 1 on the list: Permalink Redirect, closely followed by Matt's No-WWW plugin. Actually, since release 0.7, Permalink Redirect can already redirect on hostname mismatches, which makes No-WWW obsolete. That means, my Permalink Redirect …
  15. On WordPress Sponsored Themes

    Last week, Mark from Weblog Tool Collection posted his stand on sponsored themes, and asked all sponsored themes to disclose their sponsorship. A few days later Matthew Mullenweg also outlined the social and ethical issues with sponsored themes, and vote for removing sponsored themes from These are the …
  16. Permalink Redirect 0.7.0 Released

    I have just committed a new version of Permalink Redirect plugin for WordPress into Subversion, and this one actually has some new features! Old Permalink Structure Redirect. I figured this detailed instruction is way too complicated. So if you have done the wrong thing, chosen a bad permalink structure when …
  17. Permalink Redirect 0.6.3 and Gravatar Cache 0.1.1 Released

    This forum post identified the problem, and while I have not get around to look at it, Filipe has provided the fix. So there you go -- Permalink Redirect 0.6.3, now with category feed URL fixed. A while ago I have also fixed an issue with Gravatar Cache, when …
  18. Mass Install/Upgrade WordPress with Gentoo + webapp_config

    Introduction I guess everyone has heard of the recent news on WordPress 2.1.2, which was hurried out of the door because the WP 2.1.1 tarball was somehow altered by a cracker to include security exploits. Upgrading WordPress has been a monthly routine lately, and it is …
  19. How To Change WordPress Permalink Structure with Permalink Redirect Plugin

    It has to be one of the most frequently asked questions here. "I have changed my WordPress Permalink Structure, and now all my internal/external links are broken. My most popular posts have dropped off from the Google SERP completely, and I am loosing thousands of dollars per day! How …