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  1. ATI HDMI Output Not Plugged In

    Situation: Bought a new big LCD TV with HDMI input. Got an year-old HTPC with Athlon 64 X2, Gigabyte motherboard and ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics. HTPC has a HDMI output. Connect it up with the LCD TV, but only gets video (Windows Vista desktop in 1920x1080 glory on a 55" LCD TV). No sound what so ever.

    Going into Control Panel to change the audio playback device, and saw that "ATI HDMI Output" device showing "Not plugged in", and unable to be selected.

    Solution: I googled the problem, browsed a few solutions in various forums, opened up the HTPC case to make sure everything is plugged in properly (which they are, as it's actually an all-in-one motherboard), updated to the latest ATI driver, etc. Nope. Nothing works.

    Then it turns out that it's just a matter of getting into the BIOS (pressing [DEL] when the computer boots), going into "Advanced BIOS feature", and changing "Onboard VGA Output Connect" to "D-SUB/HDMI". It is usually "D-SUB/DVI" as default setting.

    Onboard VGA Output Connect

    Booting back into Windows, and the audio would just work :)

  2. How to Run Multiple/Concurrent Instances on Windows

    In one of the project at work we have been using running in headless mode to do document format conversions in the background, i.e. converting to and from various MS Office formats OpenDocument formats and PDF. One problem of using standalone installation as backend is that you can only run one instance at a time. So while you can have a multi-user front end doing various processing, we used to be able to run document format conversion one at a time.

    That sucks.

    Here's a trick to run multiple instances concurrently, all from one single installation, on Windows. Assuming the latest 3.x is installed. It's actually pretty simple -- just change the USERPROFILE environment variable! Or HOME on Linux/Solaris.

    For example, in Java

    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("c:\\Program Files\\ 3\\program\\soffice.exe",
        "-invisible", "-headless", "-nologo", "-nofirststartwizard");
    Map<String, String> env = pb.environment();
    if (windoze) {
        env.put("USERPROFILE", "c:\\temp\\12345");
    } else {
        env.put("HOME", "/tmp/12345");
    Process ooo = pb.start();

    Yeah I am putting this here because the search result on Google is pretty junky. And I just realised that I have not blogged for yonks. Busy buys busy.

  3. Something You Don't Want to See on a Real Plane

    Yesterday when we were in transit at the Hong Kong airport, Anna and Elsie were playing with the kids' ride that simulates the cockpit of a commercial jet. There's nothing real about the cockpit, but I guess it does not really matter as kids are happy with anything that resemble buttons and blink.

    Anna and Elsie playing with the instrument

    It does have a small display panel though, showing 4 different flight instruments to both pilots. When you pull, push or rotate the control column, the display actually changes -- like a real plane! However only the set on the left hand side works. The instruments would not update when you move the control column on the RHS. Upon close inspection reveals why the displays fail to update.

    Flight instruments

    When you zoom in...

    System Error

    Now, that's something you definitely don't want to see on a real plane!

  4. People Change OS More Frequent Than Their [fill in the blank]

    Apple has long been running their switch Get a Mac campaign, luring the PC users to abandon Windows to come to the paradise. Then we have geeks migrating from Mac to Ubuntu out of frustration from the built-in apps. Now, we have David Young, theJoyent CEO, is talking about …
  5. Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Released

    IEBlog: Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP is now available. WinXP SP2, WinXP Pro 64bit and Server 2003's are supported. I am actually downloading it now and will install it on my development box. Hopefully it'll be much more impressive than my previous encounter.
  6. Windows Update Removes Commonwealth 2006 DST Changes

    A new Windows Update applied this morning, which according to this knowledge base item, it "remove the Australian daylight saving time 2006 912475 update". Daylight saving time changes to standard time on last Sunday of March, 2007. Therefore, computers that have the KB 912475 update installed will not show the …
  7. Microsoft released WMF patch

    Microsoft has finally released security patch to a vulnerability in reading Windows Meta File (WMF). Hurry up! Run, download and apply this patch (if you haven't got yourself infected). Unless you are running Mac or Linux of course :)
  8. Install Gentoo Linux on VMWare Player on Windows XP

    (Update: Actually, there is no point setting up QEmu, playing around with VMX file, etc to try to bootstrap the disk image. There is actually no point getting VMWare Player. Just go an install the free VMWare Server -- it is so much better.) Me. I am stuck. On Windows. Well …
  9. Google Desktop Sidebar

    Can I smell a bit of competition in the desktop widgets arena, especially between mighty search engine portals? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator a while ago, which subsequently became Yahoo! Widgets. Now Google strikes back, released the new Gogle Desktop 2 beta yesterday with Sidebar, where you can also customise by adding …
  10. GreatNews

    GreatNews - the intelligent news reader. It's available on Windows. It's free. Made by a fellow Chinese. It is relatively light-weight (no .NET nor Java). It has lots of features that I cannot get use to. Moreover, it has Bloglines integration, so my reading status is still stored centralised.
  11. Vade-Mecum: Plucker for PocketPC

    Vade-Mecum is the plucker file viewer for the Windows Mobile devices. I've used Plucker in my Palm III days, and absolutely loved it. Great that it is also available on Pocket PC's.
  12. Secunia and Browser Window Injection

    Saw it on /. Multiple Browsers Window Injection Vulnerability Test. Secunia claimed that all most modern browsers are vulnerable to this attack, which allows another site to replace the URL of a popup window in a legitimate site. For example, go to a bank site, click on the link to popup …