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  1. RSS Version 3?

    Real Simple Sydication Version 3. RSS 3 Lite has been drafted, to provide yet another feed format on the Internet. Why oh why? And where can I find the "compatibility" mentioned? Ain't the whole idea of XML about how you can build on top of the existing standard, provide compatibility …
  2. Atom 0.3 to 1.0

    rakaz: Migration guide for Atom from 0.3 to 1.0. Very useful for blogware developers to move to the new web standard. Now I just hope someone can fix Python universal feedparser to handle Atom 1.0, as I noticed that TextPattern 4.0 is already doing that by …
  3. Lost a Keyword

    Horror! Horror! When I typed in unsw church into Google this morning, and there came the shock. Our FOCUS church website is no where to be seen in the first page of search result. Second page, third page... and I have finally found our lonely website sitting there in that …
  4. Campus Bible Study Forum

    Just spotted the Campus Bible Study Forum when I visited CBS's website to check out some information! And I am now the proud registered user number 23!! Too bad that user registration require moderation, which is actually a good idea for a ministry site like CBS. Thus I shall post …
  5. Re-doing

    It has been under my todo list for at least a year, and the development has gone through multiple iterations of trial, error and completely re-work. Yesterday morning I have finally decided to switch our church website,, from my old home-build content management system to the new Drupal …
  6. Table Good, CSS Bad

    Some guy at decloak tries to argue the superiority of layout using table tag, over the web standard using CSS. Go and read his arguments, and have a big laugh. It is the people with this kind of mentality that are keeping the web from moving forward.
  7. direc.tor direc.tor: Johnvey Hwang's high performance AJAX web service broker. This script is very neat. Setup a bookmarlet. Visit Click on the bookmarklet, and it instantly transforms your ugly web interface into a fancy AJAX-driven DHTML interface. What stands out is …
  8. AdBlocking and Free Internet

    There is an interesting discussion on Slashdot, reflecting what Bennie Smith (of Double Click) has previously said, about the end of free Internet contents when advertising blocking get included in web browsers as standard feature. I used to hate banner ads, popup/pop-under ads and even Javascript text ads that …
  9. Inspirational Sites

    wg: A pocket guide to inspirational sites - lots of eye-candies, and a great list of CSS enhanced sites for self-evaluation. Also great place to look for design ideas for up-coming sites.
  10. Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin

    Moved! I have moved this project to my new programming/Internet blog -- Permalink Redirect WordPress plugin. About I am not sure why the WordPress people insist that, GET /2005/05/29/foo-bar HTTP/1.1 is exactly the same as GET /2005/05/29/foo-bar/ HTTP/1.1 If you …
  11. Search Result Manipulation Not So Easy

    Adam Penenberg talks on Wired on how easy it is to manipulate search engine result by buying/selling links. But a big warning sign should have be written across the top - "Excessive SEO is playing with fire!" And yeah, PageRank manipulation is so 90's, which does not work that well …
  12. HTML Validator for Firefox

    A Tidy based HTML validator for Firefox, so that you can validate the web pages you visit instantly, without falling back to w3c's validation service. Very very neat. Now the question is, should I surf around and be a W3C standard nazi?
  13. URL are dead?

    Boris Mann claimed that URLs are dead because no one remembers them and everyone is googling what they want anyway. Aargh! URLs are far from dead! It is still doing what it was designed to do - provides an universal unique identifier to any resource, whether it is on the web …
  14. Open Laszlo

    Open Laszlo - a cool open source web application development platform that compiles the code into Flash to run on the client side. XML is everywhere, and client side can be coded in Javascript.
  15. MovableStyle Revamped

    Lloyd Hannesson has revamped with a new style and separated style testing sites. Looks great. Well done! Maybe I'll sit done to do some CSS hacks again soon.
  16. 15 ways to make your blog popular

    Via ProBlogger, there lists 15 ways to make your blogsite or website more attractive. Nah. Don't agree with all of them, and here's my 16th - get rid of the bloody ads and that will make at least one customer happy.
  17. LiveHTTPHeaders and WebDeveloper

    Two essential Firefox extensions for web developers - LiveHTTPHeaders and Web Developer. One allows you to inspect HTTP headers, and another one gives you quick access to some interesting tools.
  18. IE Only CSS

    John Hicks discovered a way to apply styles to only IE for Windows and Mac, while Mozilla, Opera and Safari would silently ignore it. Exactly what I am looking for! It does not validate though.
  19. What I've Been Working On

    What I have been working on recently is a re-construction of the FOCUS website, which I have explained here. I have been doing a bit of work on a new simpler FOCUS website using an existing content management software. Here is what I would like to achieve: Simple and clean …
  20. PageRank 10

    A list of sites with PageRank 10. It used to be the holy grail for the web developers and search engine optimisers, but these days there is just much muc more than PageRank.