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  1. Blog Moved, Again

    Jumba Over the last week I have moved (yes the good ol site that does not seem to be used by anyone any more) and all my personal sites from VPSLink to Jumba's Virtuozzo VPS. Because

    • It is Australian (servers in Sydney in my case), whereas VPSLink is in US
    • Believe it or not, Jumba is actually cheaper ($10/month)
    • Most importantly, VPSLink sucks after being acquired by Endurance International, and the server migrated to Boston = even higher latency.

    Jumba is not without fault -- had a 48 hours down time the other day. None of the sites here are important anyway :)

  2. Easy Way to Speed Up Your Blog

    Have you noticed that Scott Yang's Playground has been quite a bit faster over the last two days? It loads faster, renders faster, and Scott's meaningless muse appears in front of you faster!

    How did I do it?

    No. I did not have a secret version of WordPress that can render the same page 5 times faster. In fact I have turned off WP-Cache so that each page view is re-generated. Well, sometimes I did wish WordPress can be faster, but that has remained a wish...

    Basically, I said bye-bye to DreamHost, and migrated my blog to VPSLink, on a 256Mb OpenVZ VE running Gentoo Linux. I was interested in getting an OpenVZ VPS to play with and VPSLink has a life-time 50% off deal when prepaying 6 month... So far it is not bad -- not as good as my Xen VPS on unxishell, but far more competent to run my blog in full speed. But they are in Seattle, so the ping-time from Sydney is marginally better than unixshell which is in Atlanta, and just a few ms shy from DreamHost which is in Los Angeles.

    I'll evaluate VPSLink for 6 month and I might move this blog again onto a Xen node afterwards. We'll see.

    As of DreamHost, I still have sites on it (like and many FOCUS related websites). I love their big space, big pipe, and SVN repository hosting, but just not their over-stressed dual Opterons. I guess I've pretty much decided what I'll do with my DreamHost account...

    And just in case you are wondering why Scott hasn't been blogging... I've been busy. Lots of things to do. I am wearing thin. Trying to re-do Anna's website sometime (which got destroyed 3 months ago). Etc. Etc...