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  1. Three Videos Every Church Website Should Have

    Via Simon, three videos every church website should have. It just makes so much sense. Which one do you prefer, if you are trying to decide whether you want to visit a church, if you are new to the region? Pages after pages of text trying to explain who we are, theological brief, what we usually do during the week, etc. Or 3 quick 1 minute video showing:

    1. Pastor briefly introduce who we are and invite you to join our meetings.
    2. A glimpse inside a typical church service/bible study fellowship.
    3. One or two interviews of existing members on how their lives have been changed.

    And have them hosted on either YouTube, Google Video, or any web host of your choice.

    I know which one I would prefer.

    But I think I need to fix up our church website first. Quite a ruin there.

  2. Batch encode video for iPod under Linux

    Mark Pilgrim wrote a bash script to batch-encode videosto H264/AAC for iPod under Linux, utilising other open source applications like ffmpeg and mplayer. One thing I liked about the article is, after listing the prerequisites, Mark wrote "Please don.t ask me for help installing these prerequisites. Consider it …
  3. Bird Watching in Sydney CBD

    Well. Not the kind of birds with two flipping wings. In fact it has a set of propellors, weight almost 5 tons, and made loud "woo woo woo" sound when they fly passed our office building at around 2:30pm in the afternoon. They were in fact UH-60 Black Hawk …
  4. Posting Flash Videos with FFmpeg and FlowPlayer

    Last night I have posted my very first flash video on the web -- and it was Anna sitting there watching, her own video for 2 minutes (which probably would only interest the parents and grand-parents). Anna's video aside, I was also having fun figuring out getting that video online. There …
  5. Google Video Downloader Bookmarklet 0.1

    I love Google Video Search -- great way to waste your evening and plenty of bandwidth. However, I hate to watch video on a Flash player embeded inside a web browser window. I also hate to download the same video again and again every time I want to watch it. So …