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  1. New Keyboard - Unicomp SpaceSaver

    Got a new keyboard at work.

    My new Unicomp SpaceSaver

    Why am I blogging about an old-style looking beige coloured keyboard? It has only 104 keys -- no media keys, no volume knob, no wireless, no USB hub, no card reader, no ergonomic layout -- not even palm rest! It's a Unicomp SpaceSaver with a USB plug. It is a buckling spring keyboard similar to the original IBM Model M Keyboard. If you are an oldie who has used an IBM PC back in the '80s, now you know what I am talking about!

    Clink. Clink. Clink Clink Clink. Bink. (Sound of spacebar)


    My last model M-like buckling spring keyboard, which I brought to work back in the late 90's, somehow "disappeared" when we moved offices. I am now a happy coder again :)