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  1. Microblogging is such a waste of time

    From Leo Laport: Buzz Kill.

    It makes me feel like everything I’ve posted over the past four years on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed, Plurk, Pownce, and, yes, Google Buzz, has been an immense waste of time. I was shouting into a vast echo chamber where no one could hear me because they were too busy shouting themselves. All this time I’ve been pumping content into the void like some chatterbox Onan.

    Thousands of tweets and countless Facebook status updates later, I am also coming to the same conclusion. Updates of life from the last two years have been mostly void. There wasn't even an easy way to backup my data from Facebook.

  2. Twitter not displaying #tweets correctly

    Twitter - scottyang Just tweet about my recent bad experience with VPSLink's migration from Seattle to Boston (which this blog is hosted on), and noticed that Twitter is not displaying my number of tweets correctly. Saying 828 there but I know very well that there are 3,200+ tweets there, as I ran a scheduled script that backs up all my tweets (which I still not have ported to use OAuth ARGHHHH!)

    That reminds me not to trust the said company to backup all my status updates. It is much easier to locate what you have blogged about than what you have tweeted, if they have not yet archived it to the non-retrievable ether.

    Update: It is actually reported on Twitter status so it's a known issue and they are fixing it now. Except at the same time they are also having availability issues. D'oh.

  3. Twittering from My Cheap Prepaid Mobile Phone

    Well. Even our PM Kevin Rudd has a Twitter account (and have more followers than I do, which is actually not surprising :). I guess that at least justifies me spending a bit too much time tweeting -- I am just doing what our PM is also doing :) However only being able to tweet in front of my computer is no fun. How else can I tweet about the lunch I had on Saturday, with a photo attached?

    Well. Sending tweets from mobile photos is actually relatively trivial -- if you have a nice phone that can run a nice native Twitter application, and Internet connection from your phone. If you are low-tech, then at least you can SMS your tweets to an international number (IDD SMS rate applies). I am on prepaid 3, which didn't have Internet until very recently (with a ridiculously expensive data charges). I have a 3Skypephone, which half of the J2ME program would refuse to run...

    But, the phone does come with a working email client (not great though). Moreover if you sign up to even the cheapest X-Series pack from 3, you get unlimited email to/from Three's server, and they don't count against your data cap. So that gave me an idea...

    This is how I tweet now.

    1. Take a photo of the "happening" with my phone. Yup. 2MP with a tiny sensor = crappy shots, but picture > 1000 words. So attaching a picture is the best way around Twitter's 140 character limit.
    2. Attach this picture to an email. The recipient has a cryptic email address on my server. In the body of the email I typed in "Lunch for saturday..."
    3. Send!
    4. My server would receive the email, and a Python script got invoked from procmail to parse the message.
    5. Photo found as an attachment! Use Flickr API (+ Beej's Flickr API wrapper for Python) to upload it onto my Flickr account.
    6. Shorten the URL to my Flickr photo using my own URL shortening service (written in good ol' PHP and jQuery).
    7. Append the shortened URL to the content of the email, and send the whole text to Twitter (+ Python-Twitter library)

    Done! Step 4-7 are all automated, and now I can share the latest photos on Twitter, and my FriendFeed and Facebook friends can also see the photos I uploaded to Flickr. Now I just need to figure out how to take better pictures.

  4. Need to Tweet Less, Blog More

    It has been more than 3 weeks since my last blog post, and I blame it sorely on Twitter and I am sure it has nothing to do with my laziness. Hmm. It wasn't the first that my blog was threatened by Twitter, and you would think that I have …
  5. Moved from Twitter to Jaiku

    I have not been twittering much recently because of one and only one reason. That has been on my status page for a few weeks now and I have only been twittering via IM (routing it through my own Jabber server). That sucks. While they have been triumphing the fact …
  6. Al3x on Twitter Architecture

    Alex Payne, a Twitter developer, talks about its architecture and scalability issue. Twitter is, fundamentally, a messaging system. Twitter was not architected as a messaging system, however. For expediency's sake, Twitter was built with technologies and practises that are more appropriate to a content management system. Over the last year …
  7. Twitter Killed My Blog

    Just in case you have not noticed, I have not been blogging here as frequently as I used to be. It certainly feels pretty dead here. During the exercise of searching for the killer of my blog, I found that there has been an increasing activity at Twitter, where I …
  8. High Scalability - Scaling Twitter to 10,000 Percent Faster

    High Scalability: Making Twitter 10,000 Percent Faster detailing how Twitter, an RoR application running on Joyent Accelerators, scale to its current size. Information obtained from various sources. Interesting point on Erlang: "How do you get a broken server running at Sunday monday with 20,000 users waiting? The developer …
  9. Pownced

    Big thanks to Teresa at The Freebie Blog who sent me an invite to Pownce, the Twitter-killer web application that was created by none other than Kevin Rose, the founder of Signing up is a breeze -- clicking on the link from the invitation email, choose a username …
  10. Twitter is Slow, but not because of Ruby

    Jeff Atwood commented on the Twitter scalability problem and blamed on Ruby's slowness. I have quoted from Coding Horror a few times (in my other blogs as well), but I still do not get how his opinions can be so highly regarded in programming community, when he cannot even distinguish …
  11. DHH, Rails, Twitter and Scalability

    DHH responded to Twitter's scalability issue. Again that pin-points the "pain" of many share-nothing framework -- database, and the lack of generic framework support to facilitate scaling out the database (yeah, I know it sounds oxymoron).
  12. ESV Daily Verse now on Twitter

    ESV Daily Verse is now on Twitter -- what a great use of hype of the year which I still have not figured out what is good for! If you add "esvdaily" as someone you want to "follow", you'll get daily verses on your Twitter update at around the same time …
  13. Anyone Twittering?

    Anyone on Twitter? It is Evan Williams' (of Blogger and Odeo fame) latest creation, and is currently hosted on TextDrive's accelerators. They call it micro-blogging, where you can post plain text of up to 140 characters using either the web site, your phone via SMS (if you are in …