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  1. Tour de Googleplex, Sydney

    Saw this on Sydney Morning Herald yesterday -- Google named Australia's best place to work:

    After its outstandingly successful parent company topped a 100 Best Places To Work survey conducted by the US magazine Fortune, Google Australia has claimed the No.1 spot in a similar Australian poll.

    BRW, which conducted the study, said Google had created a legendary corporate culture of perks, fun, appreciation and reward for its staff.

    I actually had a privilege to tour the new Googleplex in Pyrmont last Thursday for the Google Partners' Day. That was quite an experience. Read on to see what I have learnt on that day.

    BLAH BLAH BLAH. <Silenced due to an NDA I have to sign with Google>.

    Well. I guess I cannot actually say what I saw on the Google Partners Day, but just a few things in point forms (which I hope would not violate the terms in NDA):

    • Google Maps sucks (on that day). The Googleplex address on Google Maps was actually around 500 metres North-West along Pirrama Road than what it actually is. It has already been fixed now (thanks Google), but I was trying to navigate myself to there, relying on Google Maps on my Nokia E71, and ended up right in front of a parkland. Google Maps can't navigate me to Googleplex? Well, at least that was my excuse of being late on the day.

    • Great networking time that you have opportunity talking to other Australia publishers -- only if I was not that naive. Seriously, an engineer like me felt a bit out of place amongst the publishers, advertisers, agents, etc. I also skipped the after-event drinking networking time because I need to come back for MBF BST.

      Still, I had a short chat with Guy & Bevan from Stateless Systems -- great guys.

    • Seven plastic guitars -- that's how many they have for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Cool.

    • The best place to work in Australia, only if you are a single unattached geek who prefer marrying social life with work. Lots of freedom there. Lots of gadgets. Lots of social events as far as I can tell. Good food and good coffee machine. Moreover I am pretty sure you will be working with some of the best geeks in Australia over there.

      However if you are married with kids, have a different life outside work, other commitments (church activities for example) -- I am not sure whether the Googler-style would be good.

    Interestingly in the SMH article, top 5 of greatest places to work are all in Sydney. Maybe it tells us more about the city than those companies :)

  2. There Might Be a Sniper on Your Roof

    Saw it on Twitter:

    jjprojects: Honestly, you feel like you are being watched by snipers out there, which is probably the case.

    Warlach: @jjprojects thanks to @hugosharp.

    Yes. Watch out! There might be a sniper on your roof!

    Sniper at Sydney

    (Credit to Hugo Sharp. Trying hard not to make any Team-Fortress/Counter-Strike inspired jokes)

    APEC 2007 has really transformed Sydney into a fortress. Cops everywhere on the street. Jet fighters and helicopters can be heard all day. Road side rubbish bins are all sealed with Police marked duct tapes.

    One more day to go, and then a 3 day long weekend. Hopefully everything will be back to normal on Monday.

  3. Pictures of Googleplex in Sydney

    Via Google Maps API, ZDNet: Pictures of Googleplex in Sydney. Interesting but plain interior design. Looks like it is in a high rise somewhere in Darling Harbour, from the surroundings through open window. I wonder where are they on the Google Maps :)