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  1. Windows Home Server for Your Significant Other

    Windows Home Server Children's Book Gizmodo: Microsoft's Children's Book on Windows Home Server. Don't expect to find that on Anna and Elsie's bookshelf though! Basically the story is:

    Servers bores the adults working in the boring office.

    Although many servers live in data centres...

    But the Windows Home Server is fun!

    Hopefully more fun than that dreadful Windows Vista!

    Daddy loves mommy so daddy bought a Windows Home Server for mommy as a special gift.

    Would you expect mommy's response be, "Thank you a Windows Home Server! Something I always wanted!" I think not!

    Windows Home Server is powerful that it is easy to install, shares files with all the other computers at home, shares files with your grandpa, grandma and uncle that "smell like bark", and lets you access your files from school. Even if your lappy gets completely destroyed by your dog, its files are safe as they were backed up by the Windows Home Server.

    Sounds just like my Linux Home Server, which has been running at home behind my desk for the last 7-8 years.

    You might get teased and laughed at because you have a Windows Home Server at home, but the truth is they are just jealous of the blink blink lights.

    You get teased and laughed at because your private diary and funny home video stored on your Windows Home Server has been copied and pasted all over YouTube, as a 0-day security exploit exposed the entire hard disk to the Internet.

    Daddy, mommy, you and the Windows Home Server -- everyone lives happily ever after. The end.

    ... Until the hard disk crashes its head and everything is gone. Well, they should have bought JungleDisk for WHS so the data got backed up to a "real server" in the data centre.