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  1. Twitter is Slow, but not because of Ruby

    Jeff Atwood commented on the Twitter scalability problem and blamed on Ruby's slowness. I have quoted from Coding Horror a few times (in my other blogs as well), but I still do not get how his opinions can be so highly regarded in programming community, when he cannot even distinguish between performance and scalability. Even he himself admitted that

    To be fair, it sounds like most of Twitter's problems are database problems, so maybe it doesn't matter what language they use"

    Even Alex stated it clearly in the Twitter interview that database has been the bottleneck, just like most share-nothing web development platform that was designed to be highly scalable in the first place! Ruby is slow. Python is a tad better, but in a heavily IO bounded web-based application, both will be more than fast enough. How to scale the database? It is not trivial and very domain specific, and that is what Alex is complaining about.

  2. Joyent Slingshot

    Joyent Slingshot Joyent introduced Slingshot that provides offline support to Rails applications. Lack of off-line support has always been the Achilles' heel of SaaS-based applications that serve through HTTP -- at least it is one of the most frequently asked features at work! Slingshot provides (1) a container environment for running Rails applications on Windows and Mac OS X (2) synchronisation framework for off-line data. Cool bananas. Now, when is one coming for Django?

  3. Ruby on Rail and Heaven

    A few humourous programming language stories -- Raganwald: Programming Language Stories -- where it looks at the attitude of C, Ruby on Rails, Java and Scheme programmers. The RoR one is my favourite as it was a derivative from another popular joke. Just inside the gates of heaven, St. Peter sits at …
  4. Performance Comparison with 6 Leading Web Frameworks

    Alrond's technoblog: The performance test of 6 leading frameworks. Very interesting read, as Alrond tested Django (Python), TurbGears (Python), Ruby on Rails 1.1.6/1.2.1 (Ruby), Catalyst (Perl), Code Igniter (PHP) and Symfony (PHP), using various load and memory testing utilities. His conclusion? Django is fast, and …
  5. Ohloh: PHP and Ruby Comparison

    Ohloh: PHP Eats Rails for Breakfast. A clearly link bait title, as it is in fact analysing by the "language", i.e. PHP vs. Ruby, instead of frameworks. However, the analysis is interesting. As well as Brad Feld's feedback on this article. Some of my thoughts: I won't say it …
  6. Unicode and Ruby being Japanese

    Alessandro Vernet: Ruby is on its way of fixing unicode issues, and he concluded that lacking of proper unicode support in Ruby might be caused initially designed by Matz who is a Japanese, who have been relunctant to support Han unification in charset and migrate to Unicode. I am not …
  7. Gosling on PHP/Ruby, DHH on Gosling

    James Gosling in Java Is Under No Serious Threat From PHP, Ruby or C#: "PHP and Ruby are perfectly fine systems," he [Gosling] continued, "but they are scripting languages and get their power through specialization: they just generate web pages. But none of them attempt any serious breadth in the …