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  1. Selling my Psion 5mx

    Updated 2 May 2005: It is SOLD, for a mere $130 Australian dollar. Not as much as I like, but well, everyone finds a bargain on eBays...

    It is probably going to be my very last entry on Psion. Not that I have written much in the past. As of Psion, nothing has really happened on the hardware side over the past years, even though Symbian is now dominating the mobile phone operating system market. Moreover, I am selling my beloved Psion Series 5mx on eBay. This little beauty has been sitting inside my drawer unattended for the last 12 months, and I don't think I will be using it anymore, so I thought I might as well sell it.

    It was purchased almost 4½ years ago, after my old Palm III died. Specification wise, 36Mhz ARM and 16Mb of RAM probably will not excite today's Mr. Gadget, but that does not obstruct its usefulness. My little Psion has been to 3 church camps, 3 MYC's, KYC and other talks and seminars. It allowed me to almost-touch type the notes on its tiny but usable keyboard - the best keyboard existed for a palm top of this size. I don't think there is any real replacement on the market today.

    It will be greatly missed.

    When I was cleaning the Psion up to prepare it for eBay, I discovered some files that I have almost forgotten their existence. Most notable is my follow-up log that I've kept between 2001 and 2003. In this log I wrote about many new comers that came to MBF, the conversations we had, how they reacted to Christianity, the issues that they were having and the excuses they gave for not coming to meetings. Most of them just vanished after a few weeks, but we still kept in touch with some of them! A few were even still in MBF today. But reading through all those entries - oh man, how time has passed...

  2. My Tome Raider Files

    These are the files that I created for Tome Raider. Feel free to download them.

    Bibles Translations

    Usually I pack a few Bible translations in my Psion so that I can use them during the Bible studies. It is just handy to have multiple translations so that you can verify verses, as some translations are more literal, and some translations are easier to understand. For these Bible translations, basically I put one chapter into one section, with the abbreviation of the book plus the chapter number as the index.

    • Chinese Union Version (Traditional Chinese; 1.66Mb)
      Note: encoded using UTF8. On Psion, you need to have UniFEP installed.

    Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

    From Bible Fundation's web site:

    These Dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition, published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Due to the nature of etext, the illustrated portion of the Dictionary have not been included.

    I personally found Easton's Bible Dictionary is one of the better public domain one out there, and it cetainly covers a lot of names and terms we find in the Bible. Another nice tool to bring along to your Bible study I guess. Here's the file:

    You can obtain the latest source text file from Bible Fundation's web site, as it is currently in the public domain. I wrote a simple Python script that takes all the data files and convert them into Tome Raider's format. Here's the script:

  3. Sharp SL-C700's Press Release

    I saw Sharp's press release on their new Zaurus SL-C700 today, and it surely looks like a wonderful machine. Most importantly, it has go a keyboard that looks usable. Actually, I might need to try to do touch-typing on it to confirm what I have seen. It surely looks like a good replacement for my Psion Series 5mx, which I use quite often because of its keyboard. However, Psion has already quited the PDA market, and the good-old 5mx is really showing its age. I am planning to get 8011.2b around the apartment so I can blog in the bathroom - don't think I can ever do that with 5mx.

    Whereas SL-C700 runs on Xscale 400Mhz CPU with a recent Linux kernel, and a nice large screen at 640x480 @ 16bit colour. And the whole thing weights 225g, which is even lighter than 5mx. Moreover, it has a CF Type-II slot as well as a SD slot for both memory and peripheral expansion. Yum.

    Besides keyboard, the other problem I see is its battery life, which is rated at less than 5 hours. It's a bit of shame comparing with 20+ hours on a pair of Duracell with 5mx. That also means that you need to bring the chargers where ever you go. And it will only be released in Japan first. When can I buy it in Australia, and how much it will cost (much more than average PocketPC I guess)? Uncertainty...

  4. New Psion Software Shop on the Gold Coast

    I found this new software company making Psion/EPOC applications on the sunny Gold Coast, and it is called DreamSpring. I checked their address, and they are actually in the Burleigh Waters, which is around 10 minutes drive from my Gold Coast home. GC is not a big city, and …
  5. Repair Psion in Sydney Australia

    I have my Psion Series 5mx since November 2000, but during my trip to the Katoomba Youth Convention this year (Jan 2002), I broke the LCD screen and its flexi-cable. There is a small crack on the LCD panel, as you can see the liquid leaked behind the screen. That …