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  1. Pownced

    Big thanks to Teresa at The Freebie Blog who sent me an invite to Pownce, the Twitter-killer web application that was created by none other than Kevin Rose, the founder of

    Signing up is a breeze -- clicking on the link from the invitation email, choose a username, password, fill up a few more fields and you are almost there. Then uploading a picture. Then... Oh wait! I have just hit a page telling me there is a bug in their code!

    Pownce bug page

    This is NOT a bug, it is the Admiral Ackbar from the Rebel Alliance!!! I guess Pownce must be from the dark side.

    Still, as I don't really get Twitter, I am not sure about the compelling point of Pownce either. Sure it has more function than Twitter. There is even an Adobe Flex-based desktop client. But if I really need IM, I already have Jabber, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger thank you very much. Meanwhile, Twitter over XMPP still sucks. When can I get something that actually works?

    Anyway. I've got 6 Pownce invites to give away. Tell me you want it in comments.