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  1. Google Weirdness - Blank PageRank and Sitelinks

    A few Google weirdness discovered today.

    See Mum! No PageRank!

    I was shocked this morning when the SearchStatus Firefox plugin shows the Google PageRank of this blog as -- nothing! It was 5 last time I checked which wasn't that long ago. It wasn't even a zero -- the PageRank bar basically blanked out as though this is a brand new site that Google has no knowledge of it!


    And I swear that I have not been selling text links, nor paid reviews. Google can't just penalise me because I have been very slack in blogging?! When I try out some online PageRank checkers, some shows a 5, while others shows a -1. Hopefully it is just a tiny disturbance somewhere inside the Google Matrix...

    Playground Now Has Google Sitelinks

    The first thing after I discovered the disappearance of my PageRank is to check whether this site has been completely dropped from Google. So I searched for my name on Google, and was happy to see that this site still came up at top -- together with Sitelinks!!

    Google Scott Yang shows Sitelinks

    I thought you need to be an important site to earn those cute sitelinks on Google SERP? Maybe Google has finally recognised the significance of this site on the intraweb?!

    Then I found out

    1. Sitelinks page in Google Webmaster Tools still says "Google has not generated any sitelinks for your site"
    2. Almost all other sites now have Sitelinks when you use their names as search query.

    So well, everyone else got it. Worse, I can't use Webmaster Tools to change them, as my Sitelinks actually don't show the best links.