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  1. Got my HTC Dream Android Phone from Optus

    Well. Not really mine, but rather a loan phone from Optus and Bang PR, and I still need to return the phone back to them on Friday. The HTC Dream came to the office this morning with a strange packaging.

    Strange package Bang PR sent me

    It came with only 15% of juice in the battery so the 1st thing is charging it up. I like how it can be charged with an USB cable, similar to my old Skypephone, which means 1 less cable to carry around. Nokia E71 can be charged with an USB cable as well, with a $2 Nokia CA-100 cable that should have came with the phone.

    Charging an Android

    Some first impressions:

    • It's smaller and thinner than I thought.

    • It feels "plasticky" when I compare it with my Nokia E71. Nice grippy surface though, and less a finger print magnet than the E71.

    • Nice sliding keyboard. A bit awkward to type on but maybe I haven't got used to it.

    • Awesome user interface. Light year ahead than Symbian/S60. The web browser is very usable for daily browsing, unlike the one on Nokia.

    It's currently on $59/month Optus contract + $15/month phone payment over 24 months, i.e. expensive -- even more expensive than iPhone. I do see a lot of advantage HTC Dream has over iPhone, which is a phone that I would probably never buy.

    More review in the next couple of days.