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  1. How to Run Multiple/Concurrent Instances on Windows

    In one of the project at work we have been using running in headless mode to do document format conversions in the background, i.e. converting to and from various MS Office formats OpenDocument formats and PDF. One problem of using standalone installation as backend is that you can only run one instance at a time. So while you can have a multi-user front end doing various processing, we used to be able to run document format conversion one at a time.

    That sucks.

    Here's a trick to run multiple instances concurrently, all from one single installation, on Windows. Assuming the latest 3.x is installed. It's actually pretty simple -- just change the USERPROFILE environment variable! Or HOME on Linux/Solaris.

    For example, in Java

    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("c:\\Program Files\\ 3\\program\\soffice.exe",
        "-invisible", "-headless", "-nologo", "-nofirststartwizard");
    Map<String, String> env = pb.environment();
    if (windoze) {
        env.put("USERPROFILE", "c:\\temp\\12345");
    } else {
        env.put("HOME", "/tmp/12345");
    Process ooo = pb.start();

    Yeah I am putting this here because the search result on Google is pretty junky. And I just realised that I have not blogged for yonks. Busy buys busy.

  2. Jon Schwartz on Open Document Format

    Open Document Format Jon Schwartz of Sun argues for Open Document Format on his blog + a ODF plugin for MS Office that has just been released by Sun as well. "Durability of information and file formats is exceptionally important to institutions or businesses with document retention policies that extend beyond the useful life of the software (and employees) creating the documents -- and ensures the availability of information well into the future." Lucky that my recently installed 2.1 can still read my files created in StarOffice 4, but ODF is indeed the step forward.

  3. Mozilla Taking Over, No way!

    Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet suggested Mozilla should take over because of OO.o's slow development. I think he is either out of his mind, or doing a "John Dvorak" style link bait (which I have bitten). For one, is leaps ahead of Office 97 -- I'll even …
  4. NeoOffice 2 Aqua Beta Available to Subscribers

    NeoOffice, the for Mac OS X with a UI developed in Java, has released the Aqua beta to their supporters. NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta is our first full Aqua release and uses native Aqua menus, file open and save dialogs, print dialogs, buttons, scrollbars, and many other …
  5. Get Legal -- Get is supporting Microsoft's campaign of getting legitimate software, by proclaiming that you can get legal and free at the same time -- by using! I can proudly say that I have not personally paid for a single copy of Microsoft Office in my entire lifetime -- I have …
  6. 2.0 has gone gold 2.0 has been released, for Windows, Linux and Solaris. Many bugs I have submitted are still pending (mostly OD<->MS Office related), but still, well done guys! Download them at the nearest mirror.
  7. Microsoft and OpenDocument

    Microsoft might support OpenDocument if there is enough customer demand. OpenDocument is an OASIS standard, submitted to ISO, and is the standard file format for the up-coming 2. Way to go, Microsoft, and please show us how you will embrace the standard! However, if native PDF support in …
  8. NeoOffice/J 1.1 Released

    NeoOffice/J 1.1 has just been released. Based on 1.1.4 code base, NeoOffice/J runs on Mac OS 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4. Lots of improvement since the last major release, and it has been very stable for us. Use the torrent here …
  9. Previewing 2

    Having used 1.9.62 for the last couple of days (while m65 has just been made public today), I gotta say that the up-coming 2 is really impressive. Functionality wise it has quite a lot of enhancement, and is already far exceeding my needs. Visual …
  10. is 4 has turned 4, since Sun acquired StarOffice on 13 Oct 2000. Being a happy StarOffice user since version 3 on OS/2, it has completely fulfilled my productivity suite need. Happy birthday!
  11. 1.1.2

    Apparently 1.1.2 has been released with the latest bug fixes. Quite a few fixes on MS Word docs crashing OO.o, according to release notes. Sounds like I'll be downloading that tonight.
  12. Friday Links

    There is a review of 1.1.1b, the recently released beta for the new release of, i.e. the one I was eagerly waiting for as it (supposedly) fixed a table height bug that affects conversion between SXW and DOC. The review is pretty no …
  13. NeoOffice/J is The One

    Three days ago I downloaded 120Mb of NeoOffice/J 0.8 by Patrick Luby, and has been playing around it for a while. Now I decided that 1.0.3 for Mac/X11 is no longer useful for me, as Neo does pretty much the same thing plus …
  14. X11 for Mac OS X Has Gone Gold

    Well. Just checked the web page, and it seems to happen during the weekend. goes Gold Master, from What has been released is the X11 1.0.3, i.e. it requires an X11 server running as it is not a …
  15. Installing 1.0.3 RC1

    I noticed that 1.0.3 for Mac OS X X11 Release Candidate 1 has been released on NeoOffice's new bulletin board system - a few days ago. The X11 installer is a 90Mb download in .tar.gz format, and the one I downloaded does …