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  1. Reddit gone Open Source, but TechCrunch don't get it

    Reddit Alien Guy Reddit is about one of few tech-related social news sites that I read regularly (especially The others are Slashdot and Hacker News. The big news is -- they have gone Open Source!

    Since reddit's beginning, we have stood on the shoulders of giants in the open source world. Every library, tool and platform we depend on is open. Until now, the only portion of reddit that wasn't freely available is reddit itself. We are proud and excited that we're finally giving back to the community that has given us so much.

    Reddit started with Lisp back in the Y Combinator days. Then moved to, and recently moved again to Pylons -- it is one of the biggest Python-based website based on open sourced web framework, and now it is open sourced itself! Its git repository is now available online for everyone to see -- delicious! It is certainly going to be a great resource for all Python developers to peek into the "how" of scaling a Pylons site.

    Then TechCrunch picked up the story, after being invited to the announcement party. They worded the announcement as though Reddit is trying to compete with Digg by open sourcing its code.

    Of course, to most SV journalists covering Web 2.0, "code" is nothing more than what is powering their profit-less website so they can raise venture funds, and "free software" merely means you don't have to pay for it.

    Reddit, the news voting site that was bought by Conde Nast in 2006, is making the code behind its site open source... That means anyone can now make their own Digg-like site. Not that there has been any lack of Digg clones in the past. Reddit's move to open-source its software is merely an acknowledgment that it is already a commodity.

    There are many other push-button products that are far easier to set up than open sourced Reddit, so that makes this recent announcement redundant? By no means. The source code of an actual website is the best way for any developer to learn -- far better than any tutorial out there. It is all about empowering the programmers. It is like you are a car mechanics, an Aston Martin DB9 drives into the garage, and you are free to inspect any aspect of this beautiful craft... And people on the outside said, "oh, only because it is slower than the Ferrari". Huh?!

  2. From LiteSpeed to Nginx

    shyam: Goodbye Litespeed, hello Nginx, says Apparently the reason to ditch LiteSpeed for Nginx is, according to Matt M (but no quotes), that WordPress wants to run open source for their full stack. LiteSpeed is a nice (but expensive) async-IO based web server that provides full Apache compatibility (which is not that useful if you just want to serve a single app). Another blow to the proprietary software?

  3. Capitalism 1, Open Source 0

    As Matt Mullenweg has pointed out in his blog post, Pligg is selling out, Vanilla is adding spammy links and guess which other open source program will be sponsored by other shady SEO's -- not for the sake of advancing free software ideology, but that they can resell massive amount of link-love for commercial gains. Should have seen this coming with the recent WordPress theme fiasco. Maybe the real enemy of open source is not the competition from proprietary software firms, but the lure of capitalism.

  4. Principles vs. Mortgage Payment

    Mark Pilgrim talked about his previous on patents at IBM, and felt ashamed to be in this patent-filing business. Finally, I reached the now-or-never moment with my manager. I considered quitting anyway. I considered my mortgage payment. I took stock of my personal finances. My mortgage payment won out. I …
  5. On WordPress Sponsored Themes

    Last week, Mark from Weblog Tool Collection posted his stand on sponsored themes, and asked all sponsored themes to disclose their sponsorship. A few days later Matthew Mullenweg also outlined the social and ethical issues with sponsored themes, and vote for removing sponsored themes from These are the …
  6. Google Open Source Project Hosting

    Google has just released its latest project, Google project hosting -- a "SourceForge-like" hosting services for open source projects. So far it has only an issue tracker and Subversion repository so I don't see how it "competes" with SourceForege feature-wise. At least it has the scalability and reliability of Google's infrastructure …
  7. Open Source Plush Toys

    Just saw this entry on Mark Pilgrim's blog, which mainly talked about accessibility. But there's a paragraph or two in the middle that talks about plush toys. My two-year-old can say "Firefox". I point at the plush toy and say, "What's this?" and he says "Firefox!" and clutches it with …
  8. Posting Flash Videos with FFmpeg and FlowPlayer

    Last night I have posted my very first flash video on the web -- and it was Anna sitting there watching, her own video for 2 minutes (which probably would only interest the parents and grand-parents). Anna's video aside, I was also having fun figuring out getting that video online. There …
  9. SixApart Open Source Projects -- home of 6A's open source projects, from the maker of Movable Type and TypeKey. Funny that except for code snippets of Movable Type plugins, most other open source projects listed there are probably considered as part of acquition of LiveJournal.
  10. Firefox 1.5 Released

    Via /., Firefox 1.5 has been semi-officially released. I haven't been able to find them on Australian mirrors early this morning, but you should be able to pick them up in the US mirrors. Actually, it is exactly the same as RC3 released over a week ago, so there is …
  11. 2.0 has gone gold 2.0 has been released, for Windows, Linux and Solaris. Many bugs I have submitted are still pending (mostly OD<->MS Office related), but still, well done guys! Download them at the nearest mirror.
  12. Microsoft and OpenDocument

    Microsoft might support OpenDocument if there is enough customer demand. OpenDocument is an OASIS standard, submitted to ISO, and is the standard file format for the up-coming 2. Way to go, Microsoft, and please show us how you will embrace the standard! However, if native PDF support in …
  13.'s New Servers

    Drupal, an open source PHP-based content management system, has its web site gone down last week, due to shared server getting hacked. It asked the community for $3,000 donation so they can buy a dedicate server, but subsequently has raised $10,000! Moreover, Sun Microsystem has donated a dual-Opteron …
  14. OpenSolaris

    OpenSolaris - SUN Microsystems' open source un*x operating system. We have one running at work for a few weeks, but I've never bothered logging onto it. Probably that Slowaris-phobia I've got from my Uni and GET days. And this blog entry gives me a good laugh.
  15. CTorrent

    CTorrent is fast and light weight un*x command line BitTorrent client, which is why it is the only BitTorrent client (other than the Bram Cohen's reference Python implementation) I would use. It is just so much easier to ssh into your Linux server, start the download inside a screen …
  16. Get Firefox!

    Firefox 1.0 is just around the corner, and the Spread Firefox team is trying to get a full page ad on The New York Times. This site is also highly optimised for Firefox - you probably won't see the rounded border if you don't use the "right" browser. What?! Still …
  17. Seeking Open Source Auction Software

    This morning Vivian and I got up earl'ish (well, 9:00am is early for Saturday) to help Jade setting up her garage sale. While moving her things, Vivian has suggested to her that why not sending out an advertisement email to the FOCUS mailing list, since lots of overseas students …