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  1. Update: 1.0 Has Been Released

    I have not updated for more than a year, as it has been working quite comfortably for me. I have made some slight modifications during this year just to scratch some of my itches. Also thanks to Ilkka Poutanen for providing bug fixes on the printTable() routine. Thus I am declaring an 1.0 status!



    • time module related fix for Python 2.4.
    • Ensure all cells passed to printTable() function are in string-type.
  2. Update: 0.6 Has Been Released.

    I have no idea why no one has requested, but I have added the feature in release 0.6 of anyway - HTTP proxy server support. I am now sitting on a host behind a squid server, so proxy server support becomes essential to me. With 0.6, should automatically pick up your proxy server setting from your HTTP_PROXY environment variable.


    Hopefully it would be the last release before MovableType 3 comes out.

    Updated 6 April: Thanks for the correction from Brad, I have updated the script to properly handle mt_allow_comments. It would be 0.6.1 with some minor clean ups.


  3. Update: 0.5 Has Been Released.

    After 6+ months of inactive, I've finally made some changes to my script that allows someone to post/edit blog entries on MovableType in the luxury of Un*x/DOS command line. In version 0.5, I have removed all the supports for MovableType 2.5 to keep the code clean, so please use version 0.4 if you are still using the older releases of MovableType.

    Here's a list of changes:

    • Remove the support of MovableType 2.5 to trim the code.
    • Support KEYWORDS and PING in the header. Use KEYWORDS to set the keyword of your post entry. Use one or more PING in the header to ping URLs.
    • Add some new functionalities provided by the MovableType 2.6's XML-RPC backend.
      • Use -P postid to list all the trackback pings of this post entry.
      • Use -T to list all the text filters installed in MovableType.
    • CONVERT BREAKS header now supports text filters.

    And some tiny changes here and there as well I think.


  4. Update: 0.4 Has Been Released.

    I've finally upgraded myself to MovableType 2.6.3 this morning, and not surprisingly, my command-line MT client script does not work properly anymore. D'oh. It is mainly due to some changes in the XML-RPC API, i.e. boolean is now integer for a particular field, etc. Fixing …
  5. - A Command Line Tool for Movable Type

    I've spent a bit of time coding and testing during the Christmas break, and here it is -, a command line tool for Movable Type (SY: Works fine in WordPress as well) written in Python. It uses XML-RPC exported by Movable Type to retrieve posts, edit posts, make new …