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  1. My MSN/Live Messenger Friends...

    Just to preempt you that in case you have not seen me on MSN/Live Messenger for a while -- I am still alive. Just that I decided that I would not use MSN Messenger any more.

    No. I've got lots of friends there -- some I know in real life, and some are just acquaintance on the net. However, there are also some -- usually with weird email addresses -- kept on be-friending me and trying to get me to add them into my contact. I do not wish to know what will happen if I approve their request so I usually just discard them, but it's now getting more and more annoying. Just this morning I have to discard 18 such requests. Friends and spammers... Hmm sorry friends. Spammers made me do it! I am no longer a user of MSN Messenger.

    The only IM that I am using regularly now is probably Jabber/Google Talk. Recently I migrated this domain to Google Apps, and now Gtalk is the XMPP server for So feel free to add me if you are using Gtalk or Jabber. You can find my JID at the contact page.

  2. Catch Up Week

    It's going to be the week of catching up.

    Daucheng Last Friday I went and picked up my primary school friend from air port, and brought him around Sydney Eastern suburbs on Saturday and Sunday. I have not seen him since migrating to Australia back in 1990 -- which makes that 18 years. Neither have we been in touch as I am such a bad person in relationship building. However, neither do I feel awkward chatting with an old friend, despite we haven't talked for such a long time.

    We got back in contact via MSN Messenger. Somehow we subscribed to each other's presence, and he contacted me a few months prior to coming to Australia for presentation (part of his PhD program).

    For the coming Sunday, I am meeting up my high school friend whom I met on the Gold Coast (where I studied high school). No, we were actually not from the same school, but he played bass and I played guitar in the same band, in the good ol' days. I came to Sydney to study in UNSW back in '95, and he came the year after to study in USyd -- although we didn't really keep in touch for the last 10 years. And now both of us are married -- he married a Taiwanese and I married a Hongkie. He has two sons and I have two daughters.

    We are going to Mosman for BBQ this Sunday, and we caught up via Facebook.

    Thank you instant messengers and social networks.