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  1. Mozilla Taking Over, No way!

    Dana Blankenhorn of ZDNet suggested Mozilla should take over because of OO.o's slow development. I think he is either out of his mind, or doing a "John Dvorak" style link bait (which I have bitten). For one, is leaps ahead of Office 97 -- I'll even argue that it is better than Office 2003 in many ways. It is also a completely different beast than StarOffice 5.3 when Sun first open sourced it. Yes, it is a "beast" -- 2.0.4 is 93Mb download on Windows comparing to Firefox 2's 5.4Mb. And how would Mozilla Foundation help? Maybe I should just stop reading ZDNet blogs...

  2. Microsoft Invites Firefox Developers to Redmond

    Ars Technica: Microsoft's open source software lab is inviting Firefox and Thunderbird developers for a tour of their research centre, in hope to assist them to make Firefox running smoothly on Windows Vista. The question is, will they get out alive? Kidding aside, Firefox has been running smoothly on Windows XP without their developers having to visit Redmond. Moreover, it is actually easy to get FF feeling at home on Vista -- just open it up, publish and document all the hidden API's and be willing to assist, I am sure the Mozilla guys would have no problem making IE7 obsolete.

  3. Thunderbird 1.0

    Thunderbird 1.0 is out. MUA of choice on Windows. Too bad that at work we are forced to use Outlook, on Linux I only used mutt, and on Mac rules.