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  1. Liam Neeson's "Unknown" (2011)

    Unknown Went and watched Unknown with Vivian at Westfield Eastgarden today -- something that I would never been able to do with a day job. 10:40am in the morning with bunch of oldies in the cinema, and almost felt like one as well.

    As of the movie -- acting was good and Liam Neeson was great. It was a bit boring at the beginning, where you know about it all from the movie trailers. Dr. Martin Harris went into coma for 4 days, and everything changed for him when he woke up. Identity stolen, wife stolen and being treated like a lunatic in Berlin. Then the action starts -- that's how much the trailer has told us. There is however a big twist in the plot in the final act, which tells us why everything happened the way it happened, which was a surprise. The ending is a bit weak, but strong deliverance of the story nevertheless.

    Moral of the story: don't ask the taxi driver to load your suitcases!

  2. Remember Nothing, Forgive Everything

    A nice illustration that Ian Powell used today at the City Bible Forum. It is taken from the slogan of Matt Damon's latest block buster, The Bourne Ultimatum -- "Remember Everything, Forgive Nothing".

    Bourne Ultimatum

    Ian made a comparison with God. Unlike Jason Bourne, through the propitiation of Jesus Christ on the cross, God Remembers Nothing but Forgives Everything, so that the sinful men can come clean before God.

    Still looking forward to see the movie though, although it's unlikely we will watch it in the cinema...

  3. When Sickness Strikes

    Casino Royal and Dreamers DVD On my bed side table there are two DVDs from Bigpond Movies -- Casino Royal and The Dreamers. Got them through this deal where you can get two months Bigpond Movies trial for free, but that's besides the point. They have been sitting there unwatched for more than half a week.


    Anna has been sick. Very sick actually -- cough and then vomit all her dinners out every night for the last 3-4 days, and we have already ran out of bedsheet to change. Worse, Sydney weather is not at its best, and we simply can't dry all the dirty clothes and bed sheets.

    I am going to take tomorrow off so Vivian can bring Anna to see doctor while I am at home looking after Elsie. It's not going to be an easy week.

  4. Harrison Ford and Firewall

    I watched Harrison Ford's Firewall on DVD on Tuesday. It is an interesting and engaging thriller. Jack Stanfield is an IT security expert in a Seattle bank, and his family has been kidnapped. The kidnappers wanted 100 million dollars transferred to his off-shore account, and need Jack to get "behind …
  5. Dick, Jane and Ecclesiastes

    We watched Fun with Dick and Jane (FDJ) on DVD on Tuesday. Haven't had an opportunity to watch a DVD for a while, and I actually felt quite privileged to be able to just relax and joy the show. FDJ is indeed enjoyable -- what do you expect when you have …