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  1. Movable Type 4 to be Open Sourced

    Movable Type TechCrunch: Movable Type 4.0 to be open sourced with MySQL-like dual license, and Anil confirmed that it is going to be GPL. Congratulation to SixApart! I felt they somehow "lost it" back in 2004 when Movable Type 3 was released with a new license terms. What follows was a mass migration, with open source advocates like Mark Pilgrim emphasising on the issue of freedom. Is it too late for 6A to turn back and give what the community wants (although I suspect the majority of community just wants free beer not free speech)? Nevertheless, open sourcing a software project is never going to be bad thing.

  2. SixApart Announced Unlimited Blogs

    Via ProBlogger: SixApart has announced unlimited blogs for MovableType's free users. Mena from 6A said, ... with version 3.2, *all users* will be entitled to unlimited weblogs. This goes for free users, as well. A lot of the rationale behind this was that the multiple weblog management is so good …
  3. JDZ on WP and MT

    Jeremy Zawodny thinks WordPress will dominate personal blog hosting, while MovableType will rule the corporate blogging world. Nah. I don't think so. Considering who will be making suggestions on blogging software in the corporate world, it would be a big loss for SixApart to lose the personal/individual market.
  4. Comment Spams slows down MT

    Comment spams DDoS'ed servers hosting MovableType. Not surprising, especially in slow servers where even spawning a new process of perl is considered "expensive". Maybe for to move to WordPress would be one resolution for 2005.
  5. Mena Trott Interview

    Thanks to Kris Krug sending me this link on his interview with 6A's Mena Trott, talking about 6A MT TP and the lot. All the best to the Trott's, but I still would not recommend MT to a new blogger, for reasons I've outlined previously in this blog. Mean while …
  6. Movable Type 3.1 Launched

    Movable Type 3.1 has been released by SixApart, featuring dynamic pages, subcategories, post scheduling, better extensibility and plugin pack. Sounds interesting. Feature wise, it is definitely a more significant release than 3.0D - but it took them a year since 2.6 to get there.
  7. Combat Comment Spam

    Just a discovery this week. Putting the following setting inside the Apache configuration (virtual host or .htaccess) seems to have positive effect on combating Movable Type comment spams. SetEnvIf User-Agent libwww-perl NOPOST Order Allow,Deny Allow from all Deny from env=NOPOST It seems that many spam …
  8. MT 3.1 Features Announced

    SixApart announced the features in Movable Type 3.1 at BlogOn conference. Things like scheduled posts, subcategories and dynamic pages implemented in PHP.
  9. New Licenses for Movable Type

    After half a month of silence, SixApart has finally updated the license pricing for Movable Type, and the new price is in favour of the bloggers. Welcome back the "unlimited authors" option! For individual/non-commercial users, the pricing structure is simple. 1 Author 3 Blogs Free 5 Authors Unlimited Blogs …
  10. MT-Do

    Playing with a Quiz about a software that I have stopped using for this site. 5. Dan Black BeltYour skills as a both a teacher and practicioner of MT-Do are now at a level few people will reach. You are most likely a worthy contributor in spreading the noble …
  11. No More Unlimited Blog For You

    Myth: I can still download Movable Type 2.661 from Six Apart's website, and will not be restricted in number of authors and blogs if it is for personal/non-commercial use. Wrong. If you downloaded the Movable Type 2.661 or older after the license change on May 13, you …
  12. WordPress Migration Notes

    Migrating from Movable Type proves to be pretty much straight forward, as WordPress has already had a well written and documented Movable Type importer, that imports everything including all post entries, comments and trackbacks. However, getting the old permalink to forward to my new WordPress powered link might not be …
  13. Anyone wants to take over?

    Another Movable Type related entry. I have posted my plan to give away my little style sheet project, Movable Style. I am echoing it here as well, just in case someone is interested. Due to personal busyness, commitment to work/home/church, disappointment with MT3, etc, I have decided to …
  14. Six Apart Re-evaluated Movable Type License

    After out cries from the Movable Type blogger community last Thursday when Six Aprt released the new license terms for the up-coming Movable Type 3, 6A has since written up a clarification on this issue. Here is a summary: New license terms do not apply to MT 2.661 or …
  15. Mark Pilgrim on MT3

    Mark Pilgrim talked about software freedom and Movable Type 3, and how he has moved to WordPress. A very good read.
  16. License Changes with Movable Type 3

    There are two types of bloggers. One is willing to pay for services and support, and another is willing to tweak and bend for something that is free. However, looking at the blogosphere, you can say that majority of bloggers belong to the second category. There are only few people …
  17. MT vs. EE

    Comparison between Movable Type 3 and Expression Engine. For those who want to set up blog hosting.