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  1. Mac vs PC, the Transformer Way

    Saw this on YouTube -- not the Justin Long vs John Hodgman kind of Mac vs. PC. Acting is a bit below par, but CGI is good.

    Conclusion -- PC still beats the cr@p out of a MacBook, but is only annihilated because a single Windoze laptop is no match of dozens of MacPro workstations.

  2. Mac OS X Root Escalation with AppleScript

    Read this story on Slashdot.

    "Half the Mac OS X boxes in the world (confirmed on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard) can be rooted through AppleScript:

    osascript -e 'tell app "ARDAgent" to do shell script "whoami"';

    Works for normal users and admins, provided the normal user wasn't switched to via fast user switching. Secure? I think not." On the other hand, since this exploit seems to require physical access to the machine to be rooted, you might have some other security concerns to deal with at that point, like keeping the intruder from raiding your fridge on his way out.

    In the comment section it has been confirmed that

    1. It only works if the user is logged into the Mac, but not via fast user switching.
    2. Disable Apple Remote Desktop does not work.
    3. It works over ssh if the same user also happens to be logged in.

    Saying "physical access is required" is simply irresponsible. People might click on strange attachments or weird files downloaded from the net, which might run commands to get root privilege. Or maybe there are other exploits in Mac OS X that can get remote hackers local user privilege, and then use this to gain root.

    Actually it is not hard to get physical access either. Sydney Apple Store opens tonight. Watch out for those pimple-faced teens typing vigorously in from the tonight!

  3. Apple's New Aluminum iMac

    New Aluminum Apple iMac Apple has Just unveiled the latest aluminum iMac. It is an all-in-one just like all the previous models, but thinner, faster and (more importantly) cheaper. Starting from AUD$1,698 for a 20 inch 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo, to top spec AUD$3,339 for a 24 inch with 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme with 4 logical CPU cores. It looks gorgerous just like every other Mac.

    Other standard features including:

    • Double-layer SuperDrive
    • ATI Radeon HD 2400/2600 graphics
    • iSight camera built in
    • Apple Remote
    • Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger + iLife 08

    Available for shipping in 3-5 business days. Gee that is fast -- I am still around 2 weeks away from having Vivian's new Dell notebook delivered.

    Now, my only problem is with the new thin aluminum anodised Apple keyboard. The key arrangement looks very much like the current Macbook, which is not exactly the best thing to type on. I wonder whether they have sacrified usability with style.

    Apple Keyboard

    Keyboard is arguably one of the most important but most overlooked component, especially if you type a lot. Maybe I should go down to the Apple Centre to give it a test run.

  4. Flashing Question Mark Folder on iBook

    Got this on our iBook which we bought more than 4 years ago. Basically when we boot it up, there is the familiar Mac boot up chime. Then the screen greys out for half a minute, and then the flashing question mark inside a folder appears. If you see a …
  5. MacWorld Keynote 2007 -- iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Inc.

    Am I the only one that found this year's MWSF Keynote "boring"? Like Josh Jones of DreamHost, I think I am a bit disappointed. So what have we got here? A massive (in terms of both size and cost) phone that we are not going to see in Australia for …
  6. Welcome to 2007

    Saw this on Apple's homepage this morning: I think it is about the MWSF announcement tomorrow morning. Whatever tricks Steve Jobs is going to pull out from his magic hat, it's better not disappointing. You will surely see another post about it here tomorrow morning, just like last year's …
  7. People Change OS More Frequent Than Their [fill in the blank]

    Apple has long been running their switch Get a Mac campaign, luring the PC users to abandon Windows to come to the paradise. Then we have geeks migrating from Mac to Ubuntu out of frustration from the built-in apps. Now, we have David Young, theJoyent CEO, is talking about …
  8. Jesus Saves, the Mac Way

    Via TUAW, Jesus Saves T-shirt from that has an [Apple]-S keystroke symbol. It'll make a nice gift for Apple-loving Christians (or Christ-loving Apple zealots?) I might need one that says Jesus :w! :)
  9. Apple the Copycat Hypocrite

    Everyone enjoyed Steve Jobs' keynote at WWDC '06 yesterday. Leopard got a great preview, and Windows Vista got bashed for trying to copy good features from Mac OS X. Mac fans everywhere enjoyed the humiliation of Microsoft, but at the same time others wondered whether Apple themselves are ripping other …
  10. Quad Core MacPro Released in WWDC 2006

    It's pretty much what everyone has expected, at WWDC 2006 early this morning, Steve Jobs released the worthy PowerMac replacement -- MacPro. Together with also newly released Xserve, Apple has finally completed the transition from PowerPC to Intel x86 processors. Externally, there does not seem to have any major changes, i …
  11. NeoOffice 2 Aqua Beta Available to Subscribers

    NeoOffice, the for Mac OS X with a UI developed in Java, has released the Aqua beta to their supporters. NeoOffice 2.0 Aqua Beta is our first full Aqua release and uses native Aqua menus, file open and save dialogs, print dialogs, buttons, scrollbars, and many other …
  12. Mac Users Switch to Linux for Desktop

    Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing, a long time Mac user, is talking about switching to Ubuntu Linux for desktop, following the steps of Mark Pilgrim, who has also recently migrated to Ubuntu and suggested Linux equivalents to Mac essentials. And as Jason Kottke has said, "If I were Apple, I'd …
  13. My next letter box will be a Mac

    Via TUAW, where can I get a letter box with PowerPC G4 inside? We seriously need a new letter box, as someone has vandalised our a few months ago, to a point where it can't open properly. After seeing something like this, I don't think I will be interested in …
  14. Apple Released MacBook, Starting from AUD$1,749

    Apple Store was off-line when I was browsing it. Then it came back on-line. Wow! Apple MacBook Finally it is out. The replacement for the aging iBook G4. Here's some highlights: Comes in both white and black. Is Black the new Apple White? 1.83Ghz or 2.0Ghz Intel Core …
  15. Boot Camp -- boot WinXP on Mactel

    Apple introduced Boot Camp -- software enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP. It is great to have the "official support" from the company who actually manufactored these beauties. It also makes the previous effort/context looks a bit, hmmm, wasted (except the one who won the 13 grand price). Of …
  16. Look, Who is 30 Today?

    Apple Computer, founded on 1st of April 1976, has turned 30 today. A lot of change for a company in 30 years, wasn't it? Especially for a technology company that leads the world in style and usability. One of my first few computing experience was Apple ][ at my uncle's …
  17. Mac OS X Locally Exploited in 30 Minutes

    MacRumours reports a Mac OS X box hacked in 30 minutes in a competition. Sounds like a local exploit to me, as hackers are free to create shell accounts on the box, although it tells nothing about how remotely-exploitable Mac OS X is. However (1) a local exploit with privileged …
  18. New Mac Mini and iPod Hi-Fi

    Conversation on ICQ this morning: Tim: new mac mini and ipod stereo! Scott: very sweet. was looking at it a few minutes ago. Tim: ho man... this ipod stereo is more affordable than the boss version... Tim: it connects to an airtune.... and control using computer... Scott: together with the …
  19. Camino 1.0 Released

    Camino 1.0 has been released. Best browser on a Mac -- at least for those of us who stuck in older version of Mac OS X. And yeah, there is one more thing that Camino, the Gecko-based browser, kicks Safari 2.0's ass -- XUL.
  20. MacSlash: Why Apple Really Ditched PowerPC. Because Intel can provide what Motorola/IBM cannot provide to Apple? It tells me nothing more than "Why I should no longer read MacSlash editorial". And what stops Intel from also staling from its desktop CPU development? Better question to ask is -- who will …