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  1. Streaming Ceased to be Free radio announcement -- international radio listeners will require paid subscription, at €3 per month (although you also get 30 track free trial). The only part of the world that can continue to get free streaming are United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Darn. That means no more free Internet music radio for me :( Oh wait. Last I counted I have 5 VPS in US. Maybe one of them could be used as a proxy to... Hmm. :)

  2. Mobbler - Scrobbler for Nokia/Symbian/S60

    Mobbler Screenshot Found this nice app for my Nokia today -- Mobbler, an client for Symbian S60 phones, i.e. most of the Nokia smartphones. It lets you sign into your account, start a station, or scrobble the music files you have played through the Nokia Music Player on your phone. A very nice way to discover new music on the move except it can easily chew through the data plan (around 128kbps streaming I think).

    My username is scottyang btw, and no, I haven't listened to U2's latest album :)