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  1. Bought a new TV (Okano LTV5500F from JB Hi-Fi)

    Bought a new toy today. Thanks to Shan-Shan for babysitting the kids while me & Vivian went to pick it up from JB Hi-Fi.

    New TV

    Since I moved to Sydney in 1995 (gee, that was 16 years ago!) we have never really had a TV at home. I guess I never really felt the "need". The closest thing to a TV would be this Dell 19" monitor that we connect to a desktop box with TV tuner -- in fact we were still using that yesterday! Anna & Elsie have to literally stand next to the "TV" to get a clear picture. So enough is enough. We saw this being advertised at JB Hi-Fi for $999. Went to check it out yesterday, and took one home today. Without negotiation the sales guy gave us $30 discount, and we purchased $129 extended warranty so hopefully it would be good for 5 years.

    So -- Okano LTV5500F is a 55" (139cm) Full HD (1920x1080) LCD TV. No LED backlit. No fancy thin profile. "Cheap" and "Big" are about its only two virtue. Picture quality is good enough (as we were comparing to a 19" Dell UltraSharp the day before), although it probably won't compare to a Sony/Samsung LCD or a Panasonic Plasma in the shop (that are 2x or 3x the price). It has 100Hz refresh rate, 2x HDMI inputs, USB inputs to attach external storage, and built in PVR function to record DTV shows.

    Okano is a rebadged Soniq I heard. But I guess it's the same with other Chinese brand -- you get what you pay for, but we are fine with that :) Now I am just waiting for a new Xbox 360 and a Kinet bundle bargain...