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  1. My MSN/Live Messenger Friends...

    Just to preempt you that in case you have not seen me on MSN/Live Messenger for a while -- I am still alive. Just that I decided that I would not use MSN Messenger any more.

    No. I've got lots of friends there -- some I know in real life, and some are just acquaintance on the net. However, there are also some -- usually with weird email addresses -- kept on be-friending me and trying to get me to add them into my contact. I do not wish to know what will happen if I approve their request so I usually just discard them, but it's now getting more and more annoying. Just this morning I have to discard 18 such requests. Friends and spammers... Hmm sorry friends. Spammers made me do it! I am no longer a user of MSN Messenger.

    The only IM that I am using regularly now is probably Jabber/Google Talk. Recently I migrated this domain to Google Apps, and now Gtalk is the XMPP server for So feel free to add me if you are using Gtalk or Jabber. You can find my JID at the contact page.

  2. One year of Google Talk

    Google Talk On Google's official blog, they are celebrating the birthday of Google Talk.

    Wait a minute. Google What? Or am I the only one who could not remember that promising Jabber/XMPP-powered Windows-based chat client?

    Google Talk has actually had a lot of improvement since its launch one year ago. File sharing. Integration with Gmail, etc. They have also been "federated" with many other Jabber servers. The latest version is quite a nice and clean app without feature bloat like almost every other IM clients.

    However, the problem is, where are the users? None of my contacts uses Google Talk.

    I wrote about Google Talk exactly one year ago. I was excited, and I concluded "Oh yeah. Time to dump Skype :)". 12 months later, I am still using Skype because of its video capability, despite proprietary P2P protocol. I still can't call SIP numbers, nor land-line numbers from Google Talk. I have no one to talk to on Google Talk -- no wonder it has not been fired up last couple of months.

    I am still using my home Jabber server to talk to my other IM correspondents on various networks. One observation I had over this year is, my ICQ "buddies" are never on-line, and most of them are using MSN now (aargh!!). The success of an IM network still rests on the size of its user community, no matter how bloat and ads-infested your IM software is.

  3. Google Talk

    Google Talk Google Talk - Jabber based instant messenger with integrated voice chat. Yes, it is indeed based on the IETF's XMPP, that is compatible with many existing Jabber clients. It is great to see Google embracing the standard. My Google Talk ID is "scott.yang", and I shall be there in the evenings.

    Has its VoIP protocol been analysed and documented somewhere? I wonder whether Google would stick to the standard and use SIP/SIMPLE setup.

    Some other questions of mine:

    • Would it support XMPP's inter-server protocol, so Jabber users on other servers can chat with Google Talk users?
    • How does Google Talk fit into Google's overall strategy? What is the bottom line?
    • Will we see contextual targeted ads popped up in the middle of a conversation, when Google Talk detected certain keywords?

    More to come...

    Update: Found some of my answers on Google Talk's developer info.

    5. What protocols are used for voice calls?

    Google Talk supports a custom XMPP-based signaling protocol and peer-to-peer communication mechanism. We will fully document this protocol. In the near future, we plan to support SIP signaling.

    So the voice is actually embedded inside XMPP's XML packets at the moment, streaming across HTTP proxy. Not very efficient I'll say :) But it does manage to penetrate through our firewall.

    There are also heaps of info on that page. It says at the bottom of the page:

    3. Do you plan to support the Google Talk client on other platforms?

    We look forward to the Google Talk client supporting Linux and Mac OSX in the future.

    Oh yeah. Time to dump Skype :)

  4. iChat, Jabber and Tiger

    Native Jabber support for iChat on Mac OS X Tiger. Oh man. This rocks. You can connect directly to a Jabber server from iChat, and can search your buddy list from the Addressbook.
  5. IM Correspondents of the Year

    Since I added Bandersnatch to my Jabber server to log all conversations between myself and my correspondants on various IM networks two weeks ago, I also managed to import whole year worth of chat messages in XML format logged by JAJC into my message history database. Analysing the data itself …
  6. Still waiting for a native Jabber client

    I am a Jabber person, and it manages all my IM contacts on different networks on my own Jabber server. On Windows I am using the excellent JAJC that is very stable and feature rich with full unicode support. On Mac OS X it is a different story. The most …
  7. I'm back on MSN Messenger network

    From my previous rant against Microsoft and MSN Messenger, I said that I would not be able to connect to this instant messenger network after 15th of October, as Microsoft will be blocking all the clients using protocols prior to MSN8. That would include the Jabber server I'm using at …
  8. One More Month On MSN Messenger

    I will probably be connected to MSN Messenger network for one more month, before Microsoft cuts me off from their IM network on the 15th of October. This is what I received as a chat message from MSN this morning, when I connected to their service: You are running a …
  9. My Instant Messenger Setup

    I have been using ICQ since the early days. Well, not that early because my UIN still has 7 digits. For a long while ICQ has been my primary, if not exclusive, instant messenger (IM) client because most my contacts are on ICQ. However, over the last 2 years I …