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  1. Email Filtering Feature on Internode

    Recently the Internode ADSL forum on Whirlpool has been stormed by people from other ISP, trying to educate its users how expensive their current plans are. At the same time, Internode has been introducing heaps of value added features like ever growing mirror server, email virus and spam filtering and free Internet radio with a dozen stations. And again, Simon Hacket's new plan promise of soon a few months ago has still not yet been fulfilled, and has some how changed to the end of calendar year. Many current subscribers, including their fan club members, have lost their confidence in this award-winning ISP to push out new plans with good values and price/performance ratio. I myself included.

    A bridged ADSL connection with Internode's business plan is a delight to work with (no PPPoE/PPPoA crap), but the price to pay for such priviledge is just too high. Moreover, a lot of those "value-added" are irrelevant to me. I host my own email server so virus and spam filtering on the ISP side has no value. I don't need 10 different Linux and BSD distribution on the mirror side. Internet radio is a great idea - except I can't listen to it at work, as we are using Pacific Internet's ADSL there (an ISP providing even worse value for their ADSL service, but that's another story). Neither do I play any on-line games so their game server farm has little use to me. All I need is a vanilla setup of static IP address, fast pipe, and cheap price, as I will be starting to paying mortgage.

    5 more weeks before we start moving to our new place on the Gardeners Road. First of all, I do hope that ADSL is available on that place, otherwise the whole will be part of history. Secondly, I'll probably switch to some other ISP, which will also take a few days for application, connection, and then switching the service over. Swiftel's 1500k/256k 4Gb service at $70 is where I am looking at, unless someone can beat their value before I move. Also don't be surprised when one day the whole and FOCUS website disappears off the planet - I'm probably carrying the server box down the hill to get it connected to its new home.