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  1. Die Weeds Die!

    Weeding has not been my most favourite gardening work, although in most cases it is necessary. Sometimes it is easy -- just pull them off the ground and throw into the bin. Sometimes it ain't that easy, especially those big wooden weeds which everyone else mistaken them as trees.

    Two photos of an area next to my drive way, one hour apart.

    Weeding -- Before
    Weeding -- Before

    Steps to take:

    1. Take a photo before you do anything!!! This is VERY important. Otherwise you can't really blog about it, can you? :)
    2. Take down the tree wooden weed with a hand saw. I use a cheap one from Bunnings. YMMV.
    3. Chop the branches into pieces with saw and other gardening tools so they fit better in the bin. Leave large pieces on the front lawn for the council to collect :)
    4. Use a wet sponge to dampen the cut section with Roundup weed killer. It shall hopefully kill its root, which I will come back and dig up in 2 weeks.
    5. Take an "after" shot showing what you have achieved.

    I have actually been commissioned by Vivian to remove quite a few of those wooden weeds from our garden over the past year, to prepare for "planting something nicer". Just that I have never seen this "something nicer" been planted around the house...

  2. Drip Drip Drip

    One of the most quoted Proverb verse:

    A foolish son is ruin to his father, and a wife's quarreling is a continual dripping of rain.

    Proverb 19:13

    I would not comment on the quarreling part, but this "continual dripping" is now driving us nuts. Sydney has been graced with continuous rain for the last couple of days, and we did not realise that our roof is leaking until our ceiling started dripping this evening. A small hole of 2 cm in diameter opened up on the south-western corner of the living room ceiling, and is now dripping water every half a minute.





    Need to find someone to get it fixed ASAP.

  3. Anyone knows Japanese here?

    While checking out my referral logs today, I discovered an interesting link to a blog entry I've written nearly 10 months ago on housing availability in the Eastern suburbs. The interesting fact is that, the page that links to my site is written entirely in Japanese! From what I can read, which are the Hanji's on the page as they are common to Chinese, it seems to be a report on Sydney real estate and potential crash on property price. Here's the link:


    My blog entry is referred one page down the report, under the "高位価格エリア−Eastern Suburbs" section (yeah, I can recognise the word Eastern Suburbs). My article is introduced this way:


    It then actually quoted 3 paragraphs of my writing, translated in Japanese! Now I am wondering what else has the reporter written. Is he/she saying, "yes, this Taiwanese guy has weird sense of humour", or "hey, this bloke knows no crap about real estate in Sydney". Either way, I would like to find out! Anyone fluent in Japanese here?

    And it has also demonstrated what journalism is really about - just copy and translate dodgy articles you have found via your friend's friend's blog-roll's related blog. Sounds like I am getting there as well...

  4. Clean!

    I know that one can only be thoroughly cleansed by the blood of Jesus, but preference wise I do want to wear clean cloth everyday. Lack of a working laundry has made that task a little more difficult to achieve, so for the past 2 months we have been doing …
  5. Thursday Night Shopping

    Things we bought yesterday: 10 m2 of plain white wall tiles. 40 kg of tile adhesive & 2 boxes of grout. A bag of tile spacer. Adhesive spreader, tile cutter and the tool that is used to apply the grout (whatever it is called). 2 raw-pine file cabinets. Tiles + adhesive …
  6. Tiling the Wall Tiles

    Moved into the new place for 2 weeks now but we have not yet had a working laundry, as the laundry tub is not yet connected to the sewage system. We got a plumber to have a look, and also booked him to install a vanity in the toilet at …
  7. Weekly Hacking House Renovation Notes

    It has been a while since my last blog entry, as I have been flatted out from hacking making renovation improvements to my new house this week. As of handy man work, I am still qualified as a script kiddie - I need to read lots of manual, apply already-made solution …
  8. Ripping off the wall

    That's basically what I've been doing for the whole day! Originally I was planning to paint the wall. For the preparation, I need to make sure the wall in the bedroom is paintable - so I started taking things out from the bedroom wall - including the old paint (the top part …
  9. Mortgage Brokers

    I rang up the mortgage broker this morning to cancel my pre-approved loan, as my financial situation has changed, ie getting a better deal. I thought he would be quite disappointed as I would imaging it is a lot of effort getting all the documents sorted out for your client …
  10. Done Deal

    Went to 3 extremely boring auction in Coogee last night. Came out much much poorer. Just bought a semi-detached shelter, built on a sandy piece of land in Kingsford, right next to the busy Gardeners Road. The bus stop outside the door is not part of the deal. The property …
  11. Home Buying Dilemma

    It is just going to be another entry on my home hunting thoughts. Recently I have been quite troubled with the whole saga - choosing the right home to buy is certainly not easy. There are just too many factors in it. House or unit or town house? Free standing or …
  12. Another Saturday of House Hunting

    Here's my Saturday. 07:00 Woke up for my regular "breakfast", i.e. email, slashdot, and SMH. 08:00 First attempt to get Vivian off the bed. Tough luck. Go back to have shower and read more posts on the up-coming Panther. 08:30 Vivian "seems" to be up. We …
  13. Approval

    Just got the confirmation that the home loan has been approved. Now we just need to find a place that we can afford, and start my new life as a slave to the banks. A few things I still need to learn. Budgeting is one. Is there good tips on …
  14. Boring Auction

    Saturday morning has been occupied with more house hunting activities. This morning we went around the Eastern suburbs looking at places that can possibly fit into our budget, which were mainly town houses and apartments. We also went for 2 auctions, both by LJ Hooker Maroubra, and that was an …
  15. Day Off

    I took an day off from work yesterday to go to a few propperty inspections around the Eastern suburbs, together with Vivian. She was supposed to go to TAT and meet up with some girls on the campus to do bible study, as Thursday is her MTS day, but she …