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  1. Anna & Dolphin at Sea World

    We have been on holidays on the Gold Coast over the past week -- pretty much our typical twice-a-year Gold Coast holidays where we lived at my parents' place. Except this time Vivian's parents also came along so we have to (1) organised accommodation for them ($500 for 6 nights at Broadbeach Savannah via Wotif) (2) rent a people mover ($312 for a 3rd Gen Toyota Tarago for 7 days from Cut Price Car Rentals).

    The weather was bad though. We came back just one day before the Queensland 2013 flooding where Coolangatta airport was closed.

    We did grab the annual pass for Sea World, and Anna managed to get selected as the participant in the dolphin show. The show was crowded during the school holidays with kids coming from all different states and other places in the world. Here's how Anna managed to get selected:

    1. Make a banner with an A3 paper and write compelling reason why they should pick you. In Anna's case, it's "Everyone loves Dolphin but Dolphin loves me! Please pick me! Please!"
    2. Get to the Dolphin Cove at least 15 minutes earlier to get into the front row seats. The presenter won't see you & your banner unless you are right at the front.
    3. When the presenter asks for volunteers (they'll pick 2, one boy and one girl), pull up your banner and wave! They love to pick those showing enthusiasm.

    We can tell that our dolphin-loving daughter was exceeding happy afterwards.

  2. Holidaying on the Gold Coast

    Took the flight from Sydney to Gold Coast and landed here at around 3:25pm. Holidaying? Not really, but it is nice to be back to the house that I once called home 20 years ago, sleeping in the very same bedroom.