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  1. Catch Up Week

    It's going to be the week of catching up.

    Daucheng Last Friday I went and picked up my primary school friend from air port, and brought him around Sydney Eastern suburbs on Saturday and Sunday. I have not seen him since migrating to Australia back in 1990 -- which makes that 18 years. Neither have we been in touch as I am such a bad person in relationship building. However, neither do I feel awkward chatting with an old friend, despite we haven't talked for such a long time.

    We got back in contact via MSN Messenger. Somehow we subscribed to each other's presence, and he contacted me a few months prior to coming to Australia for presentation (part of his PhD program).

    For the coming Sunday, I am meeting up my high school friend whom I met on the Gold Coast (where I studied high school). No, we were actually not from the same school, but he played bass and I played guitar in the same band, in the good ol' days. I came to Sydney to study in UNSW back in '95, and he came the year after to study in USyd -- although we didn't really keep in touch for the last 10 years. And now both of us are married -- he married a Taiwanese and I married a Hongkie. He has two sons and I have two daughters.

    We are going to Mosman for BBQ this Sunday, and we caught up via Facebook.

    Thank you instant messengers and social networks.

  2. 朋友的域名


    Domain Squatter got Anderson's old domain

    慘啊!看看它的 WHOIS 資料,好像上個星期才被被修改的。域名的聯絡人以及聯絡資料都沒變,一切都還在他的名下,但 DNS 卻被改成,而整個網站也被改成了一個大廣告看板...





  3. Leo and Jenny

    Leo and his wife Jenny visited the International Unichurch for the second time yesterday, but this time they will here to stay - at least for the next 2 years when Leo will be trained under the Ministry Training Strategy. Woohoo!

    A Mandarin speaking staff worker that can spend 5 days a week on the campus is what we really needed for the past few years, and God answered our prayer by lending Leo to us for 2 years, from his home church. I think I met Leo back in 1995 through a course mate (there wasn't Friendster back then :). As a fellow Taiwanese I somehow got involved in his church around 1996-1997 and a small Taiwanese Christian group on campus. During that period I would go to his church in the Sunday afternoon as well as teaching guitar and scales to a bunch of kids on Friday nights (I'm not sure why would I travel to North Shore 2 times a week back then). But then Leo told me that he still got the guitar notes that I made 7 years ago (in LaTex of course)! I don't even think I can play the same scales that I used to play - which is pretty sad.

    Anyway. It is great to work with an old buddy again on the ministry field. It is not going to be easy for him, coming from a Taiwanese Christian church background, to adapt to the way FOCUS run things. Vivian and I also need to learn that how we can support, as well as "letting it go" - to let Leo to run MBF in the way that is most beneficial to him and this group.

  4. Toast, to Luke and Emily

    On Saturday Vivian and I went to Luke and Emily's wedding at St. Matthias church in Paddington, whom should now be called Mr. and Mrs. Deller. It was a windy day, and the service started at a late 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Grimmo gave the talk from Philippians 2 …