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  1. LinkedIn for Clergyman?

    C'mon. There got to be a website that's like LinkedIn for the clergyman. You know. You go up there. Tick on the box "Anglican", put "Moore College" under education, and put "MTS" and "student ministry" under experience, click on Search, and voila! Print out the list and off you go to the next parish representatives' meeting. Nice and easy.

    Can't imagine myself doing it again after 3 years. Argh!

  2. 對面的女孩看過來 Church Camp Version

    Church Camp 2008 I was having fun coming up with 2 ads for FOCUS Church Camp 2008 for the FOCUS Mandarin Church over the last few weeks. I think the highlight has been playing a song parody of 對面的女孩看過來 (任賢齊/阿牛) last Friday/Sunday.

    The idea came up one evening. Since I am selling the church camp, I want a song that (1) is easy to change the lyrics (2) everyone knows how to sing -- to a point that they can sing along the modified lyrics that contains all the marketing messages! That gotta to be a marketer's dream that the targeted audiences can repeat what you are selling after you! Yes I know it was an old song, but then again I am an old man with limited knowledge of Mandarin pop songs :)

    So I had the idea on Wednesday, picked the song and told Jason on Thursday, finished up the lyrics on Saturday, and then went live on last Sunday, our first FOCUS Mandarin meeting at the Red Centre Theatre. I think it went pretty well so we played it again last Friday during the welcoming event. Hopefully efforts get converted to more signups.

    Big thanks to Jason whom I only told him about the song + lyrics on Saturday night, and he has to play guitar with me on Sunday morning without any rehearsal. Also big thanks to Judy for her photos from last year's church camp, where I have stolen many from to do the slides.

    Here are the lyrics.

    對面的女孩 看過來 看過來 看過來 復活節的假期哪裡玩 快報名去 Church Camp The Tops 的風景真好看 一邊山 一邊海 動物園的袋鼠很可愛 保證讓你樂開懷 我們的牧師是靚仔 他講道 最厲害 我們的堂主也不賴 禱告查經全包辦 我左看右看 上看下看 每個人都報名了 Church Camp 我想了又想我算了又算 真是值得才兩百塊 第三天是這次的題材 認識神祂的愛 讀聖經讓我們更明白 神的計畫真不簡單 晚上的活動很精采 唱歌跳舞 加比賽 四天三夜 充充滿滿 教會裡弟兄姊妹的愛 愛 愛~~~ 我左看右看 上看下看 身邊的人都已去了 Church Camp 我想了又想 我算了又算 新生只要一百九十真划算 我左看右看 上看下看 趕快找到 Irene 把錢包打開 復活假期 不要發呆 別再猶豫趕快報名 Church Camp 來 Church Camp 來來~~~ 來 Church Camp

    The lyrics actually makes most sense when you match them with the slides. You can download the karaoke slides by clicking on the image below.

    Download Karaoke Slides in PDF

  3. Collaborative Bible Study Material

    ESV Blog: Collaborative Bible Study Materials. From the article -- "The barriers to entry for managing a project of this scale have fallen so far that anyone with both passion and commitment can produce and make available something potentially helpful to Christians everywhere." Yes, I don't deny the fact that the technical barriers were long gone. There are plenty of free Wiki and collaboration software out there. However, organising a community and begging people to lift up their fingers to contribute has always been the more difficult part. Each fellowship in FOCUS has been writing Bible study material over the years, but may I ask "where is the archive?" that can be potentially helpful to Christians everywhere?

  4. FOCUS Map is Almost Here

    Thank you all for posting your latitude and longitude for my little FOCUS Map project! However, so far I have only had three account created on the FOCUS website with coordinates filled out, and I myself was one of the three. :( Anyway, here is a little preview of what it …
  5. FOCUS -- I need your latitude and longitude

    Unichurch Together -- Extreme Makeover last Sunday, and it was all good. It was fun seeing how each fellowship "impersonates" one another (and how pathetic when we are trying to guess). It was great seeing many brothers and sisters in the same church whom you have never met, because they meet …
  6. Bible Reading Plans from Bible Gateway and Good News Publisher

    Saw it on Victor's blog that Bible Gateway has released new Bible reading plans -- you can either read through the whole Bible systematically in 365 days, or read through key passages in 61 or 121 days. That reminded me a blog post from ESV Blog a few days ago. Their …
  7. Length of the Sunday Talks

    I was uploading last Sunday's sermon MP3 onto church's website this morning, and had a little fun plotting this graph: It is the length of Joshua's Sunday sermons in number of seconds, since February this year when he started preaching the Proverbs mini-series. The big dip on 5 March was …
  8. Why Emails Have Been So Colourful Lately?

    Okay. This is a rant. Why emails sent in the FOCUS mailing lists have to be colourful lately? Things with big fonts, lots of sometimes-quite-disoriented colours, half-baked sentences aligned left, right and centre across the page, and words that resembles advertisement - these …