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  1. Are We There Yet?

    Looking at Dow Jones and ASX this week was painful. It goes down, and down, and down like there is no tomorrow. Fortunately market is closed on weekends so people can take a breath -- thinking about when it is going to end. It's a bit like taking kids for a long flight.

    "Are we there yet, daddy?"
    "Nope, not yet."

    (Moments later)
    "Are we there yet?"
    "Please be patient!"

    (Soon after)
    "Are we there yet?"

    I can foresee that next Monday, when we are taking our kids to Hong Kong/Taiwan visiting families for 2 weeks. At least you know the flight is 8 hours and there's a sure end to it. Are we at the bottom yet for the financial crisis?

  2. Don't Panic!

    Don't Panic! SMH: Worst day in Australian stock market in more than 18 years, where All Ordinaries fell 408.9 points, or 7.26 percent. Tomorrow is probably going to be ask bad, if not worse, after US starts trading this week. It was RED on the trading screen throughout the day. "Don't panic!!!" the analyst said. I don't think it will work when you are a CommSec customer whose server crashed hard this morning due to excessive number of retail investors trying to short their stock. Not looking good.