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  1. On Facebook

    Facebook Nichol Alexander on deleting Facebook account and making a goodbye, after watched The Social Netwokr and read this article by Zadie Smith. Now ask myself whether I am just one of "500 million sentient people entrapped in the recent careless thoughts of a Harvard sophomore". That's the phenomenon of this generation -- it's Facebook today, MySpace yesterday, Friendster the day before, and then something else tomorrow. Live for the moment. Live in someone else's life. Via Hacker News, which has interesting discussions on this social matter.

  2. Microblogging is such a waste of time

    From Leo Laport: Buzz Kill.

    It makes me feel like everything I’ve posted over the past four years on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed, Plurk, Pownce, and, yes, Google Buzz, has been an immense waste of time. I was shouting into a vast echo chamber where no one could hear me because they were too busy shouting themselves. All this time I’ve been pumping content into the void like some chatterbox Onan.

    Thousands of tweets and countless Facebook status updates later, I am also coming to the same conclusion. Updates of life from the last two years have been mostly void. There wasn't even an easy way to backup my data from Facebook.

  3. Catch Up Week

    It's going to be the week of catching up.

    Daucheng Last Friday I went and picked up my primary school friend from air port, and brought him around Sydney Eastern suburbs on Saturday and Sunday. I have not seen him since migrating to Australia back in 1990 -- which makes that 18 years. Neither have we been in touch as I am such a bad person in relationship building. However, neither do I feel awkward chatting with an old friend, despite we haven't talked for such a long time.

    We got back in contact via MSN Messenger. Somehow we subscribed to each other's presence, and he contacted me a few months prior to coming to Australia for presentation (part of his PhD program).

    For the coming Sunday, I am meeting up my high school friend whom I met on the Gold Coast (where I studied high school). No, we were actually not from the same school, but he played bass and I played guitar in the same band, in the good ol' days. I came to Sydney to study in UNSW back in '95, and he came the year after to study in USyd -- although we didn't really keep in touch for the last 10 years. And now both of us are married -- he married a Taiwanese and I married a Hongkie. He has two sons and I have two daughters.

    We are going to Mosman for BBQ this Sunday, and we caught up via Facebook.

    Thank you instant messengers and social networks.

  4. Facebook Advertising - Effective?

    Thanks to Andrew from Niphal who posted these $250 worth free advertising coupons for Facebook on OzBargain, I went and got some free credits, spent 3 minutes in Gimp doing up a 110x80 logo, created a campaign on Facebook Ads Manager and sat back to see the flood of traffic …
  5. I Need More Money

    I need more money... This is what I have posted on my Twitter status: Yes. Facebook app Friends for Sale can be addictive, where you make virtual money online by buying/selling your friends as "pets". No I don't aim to become a millionaire but I do have a collector's …
  6. I am on Facebook

    As Facebook has just been predicted as the largest social network on Internet, I think it would be a good time dusting off my Facebook account and check out what the hype is all about. Looks like it is still appealing to those who are in their 20's, just like …