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  1. Update - Permalink Redirect and ESVPopup

    Two small updates on my code snippet collections.

    Permalink Redirect 0.8.4

    I have updated Permalink Redirect plugin to 0.8.4. The main functionality of this plugin has been replaced by WordPress' redirect_canonical() function since WP 2.3, but somehow some people are still using this plugin for its remaining functions (permalink structure changes, arbitrary path redirect, etc). 0.8.4 fixes an issue with arbitrary path redirect when the old path is now producing 404. It has also overwritten the wp_redirect function (taken from WP 2.5) so 301 redirect works properly on Lighty/Nginx setups.

    ESVPopup 1.4

    Don't you love browser incompatibility?! While everyone is trying to crack Acid3, I am still trying to figure out why event.clientX on Safari is different from all the other browsers.

    Anyway. ESVPopup 1.4 should work with Safari 3.0.x now.

    Btw, this blog has also been upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Nice new dashboard and so far everything works. Finger crossed.