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  1. How to Email Busy People

    Jason Freedman on how to email busy people, as we all know busy people don't have time for all your emails and they do say "crap, Ctrl-A, Delete and let's start again".

    1. Subject Lines Matter
    2. Use Your Company Email Address
    3. Remind Him of Context
    4. Limit Your Entire Email to 5 sentences or Less
    5. Make Your Ask Explicit
    6. Respond Immediately
    7. Include a Short, Professional Signature

    Need to remember that the next time I email.

  2. Yahoo Email Delivery Fail

    Just received an email about an upcoming meeting. Then I noticed that date of the meeting is... Monday 22nd of November, which was yesterday. So I thought it must have been a typo. It should have been 29th, which is next Monday! Then I looked at the email more carefully, and noted that it was actually sent on the 18th, i.e. last Thursday -- 5 days ago! How come it only arrived my email inbox, which has been hosted on Google Apps for almost 2 years.

    Using "Show original" on Gmail gives away more clues on why this email is 5 days late. Here's an excerpt of the email header:

    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 23 Nov 2010 04:50:34 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 23 Nov 2010 04:50:33 -0000
    Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 18 Nov 2010 11:49:46 -0000
    Received: (qmail 8748 invoked from network); 18 Nov 2010 11:49:46 -0000

    So somehow this email was sitting on a Yahoo mail server for bloody 5 days! The hostname also resolves to [] which might be the culprit there. Looks like a major fault to me. I only missed a meeting -- but imagine missing a much more important message!

  3. How to Migrate Emails from Maildir to Gmail

    Migration As previously reported, I have moved my main email from my own mail server to Gmail hosted on Google Apps. Signing up was easy. Moving DNS records was pretty straight-forward (a few clicks if your domain is with DreamHost). Getting IMAP up and running requires one simple setting inside Gmail, plus reconfiguring your MUA (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc).

    The challenge for me though, is to move all my past emails from my email server (running Postfix + Dovecot) to Gmail. Although I am usually a "deleter" (rather than an archiver), I still kept some of my emails all the way from 1997. Over the years I have over 10,000+ emails sitting in Maildir format on my server, that somehow I need to move them to Gmail.

    So I tried to connect to my Gmail account using Thunderbird + IMAP, and then manually drag all the emails over. That was a disaster. For example if I highlighted 100 emails, then drag 'n' drop them into "All Mails" under Gmail, and then the operation failed half way through (happens all the time) -- I might end up having 50 random emails inside Gmail, but those were not deleted from my old account. That means I have to manually figure out which exact emails have been copied over -- and that's quite a tedious process. To make it safer, you just drag smaller batches over (say 10 at a time). Not a good idea if you have 10,000+ emails waiting to be moved.

    Being a lazy programmer I thought the easiest way would be writing a small program that automates this. It would do one email at a time. If the operation failed, it will also know where to resume. The end result? A small Python script that's conveniently named as



    This script basically works through all files in a directory, working out which ones are RFC822 email messages, and then push those files up to Gmail via an IMAP connection. It also remembers the file names that it had worked through so if the program somehow died (due to a bug for example), just restart it again. Well, this script is provided "as is" with no warranty. It works for me that migrated all my 10,000+ of old emails to Gmail, but YMMV.

    To run it:

    Usage: [options] [maildirs]
    Upload email messages from a list of Maildir to Google Mail.
      --version             show program's version number and exit
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
                            Folder to store the emails. [default: All Mail]
      -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                            Password to log into Gmail
      -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
                            Username to log into Gmail

    For example moving all my inbox to Gmail's "All Mails", and all my sent mails to Gmail's "Sent Mails":

    $ python -u -p password ~/.maildir/cur
    $ python -u -p password -f "Sent Mail" ~/.maildir/.Sent/cur 

    It will then print out which message it is working on. Go to sleep, and hopefully all messages will be migrated when you wake up in the morning :) On my old home server (AMD Duron 1GHz in Sydney), it took around 1-2 seconds per message. On a 64MB VPS I had with RapidXen in Fremont CA, it was doing around 2-3 messages per second.

    Hopefully it would be helpful to some.

  4. Google Apps Migrated for

    Meet my new email client. Yes, it's Google Mail. Or to be more specific, Gmail part of Google Apps, and it is now hosting my (and Vivian's) emails on this domain ( I have been running my own email server for the last 10 years, hosting my own …
  5. Organising Your Inbox

    An interesting article via Slashdot: Hoarders vs. Deleters: What your inbox says about you. The tagline is, "You are your inbox", as your inbox reveals your personality, your mental health and even your up-brining. Because "inboxes are metaphors for our lives," Dr. Greenfield says, there's no cure-all solution to inbox …
  6. What will you write in that email?

    What will you write in that email, that is destined to loop all the way back to you in 20 years time? apparently provides this service. The E-Mail Time Capsule allows you to send an email back to yourself in up to 20 years time, and from its …
  7. Effective Email Handling Tips

    Aristotle Pagaltzis shared how he organised his mailboxes to make them efficient and effective. I quite like his approach and might give that a try myself, especially (1) reduce number of "filing folders" and rely on search to do the bulk of re-organisation (2) change the "sent folder" to inbox …
  8. One Year of Gmail

    Gmail was announced exactly one year ago, on the April Fool's Day last year, and has forever changed the history of web mail. Well, at least in terms of mailbox size. I thought it was a joke last year, but no one is doubting its existence by now. It has …
  9. Blacklisted (and it is real this time)

    9:30pm at night and got an ICQ message from Wilson, asking whether I have noticed that Yahoo is now labeling my server as bulk mail sender. So immediately I tested sending different messasges (all legitimate with non-spammy content), originated from different domains to one of my Yahoo account, and …
  10. You use email?

    You use email? Then you will be considered old-fashion in South Korea, according to this report from Smart Mobs. Instead, email communication has been replaced with mobile phone and text messages. One advantage that snail mail has over email is that it encourages you to write thoughtfully, and now in …
  11. Gmail Trials DomainKeys

    Slashdot reports Gmail has started adding DomainKey signature into out-going emails, even before Yahoo! I quickly wrote myself an email and verify that it is indeed the case. I wrote about DomainKeys 5 months ago, and I still doubt how successful it would be.
  12. Gmail New Features

    Just logged into my Gmail beta-testing account, and found a new feature they have added - contact management! You used to be able to only have names and email addresses for your contacts, but now you can add other contact "sections" like phone numbers and addresses. Here is a screen shot …
  13. AventureMail out of beta

    I briefly blogged about it over 3 months ago, about how once offered a generous 2Gb email account for free. However, shortly after it broke the news, AventureMail suspended its registration process so that no more account can be created. I did get my 2Gb email account from …
  14. Unread on Gmail

    A nice Gmail hack - create an "Unread" label and Gmail will automatically gather all the unread mails there. Not that I do receive lots of mails in my Gmail account that I have difficulties to sort out the one that I haven't read. But still a nifty trick.
  15. Track Email Hoax

    "Earn $250 for each person you forward this email to!" When this appears in your INBOX, usually you will hit Delete straight away, if it has not yet been trashed by the spam filters. However, someone actually went all the way to track down the creator of this email hoax …
  16. Gmail via POP3

    Want to read Gmail from Outlook/Thunderbird/Mutt? Pop Goes to GMail runs on your Windows desktop, fetches new messages from GMail at regular interval, and then let you read them from any email readers supporting POP3 protocol.
  17. Gmail, Finally

    Big thanks to invitation from Thomas, that I have finally got myself a Gmail account! I just had a brief look of it, and the interface seems to be pretty light-weight and slick, using quite a bit of XMLHttpRequest in Javascript to make it more 'application'-like. I guess it probably …
  18. 2Gb of Free Webmail

    Beat this Google - 2Gb of free inbox without googlebot crawling through your emails! 10,000 sign-ups per month, but you don't need to be an active blogger to test this out :)
  19. DomainKeys from Yahoo!

    Via Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo! has announced their anti-spam technology, DomainKeys. DomainKeys is a technology proposal that can bring black and white back to this decision process by giving email providers a mechanism for verifying both the domain of each email sender and the integrity of the messages sent (i.e …
  20. Gmail beta-testing account offered to active Blogger users

    According to this news (or not so new according to some of the user comments) from Slashdot, Google is now offering Gmail beta testing accounts to active Blogger users. It effectively increases the user base of beta testing significantly towards those who are technical savvy, out-spoken and influential on the …