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  1. Why Love Comes to Town

    At the City Bible Forum today, Ray Galea gave a talk from the kingly Psalm, Psalm 2, where the enemies of God plotted opposition against God's annointed king. Ray quoted a song from U2, When Love Comes to Town.

    I was there when they crucified my Lord
    I held the scabbard when the soldier drew his sword
    I threw the dice when they pierced his side
    But I've seen love conquer the great divide

    Interesting. I don't usually listen to lyrics as music is usually something that helps me to focus on other things, but Bono's lyrics sort of reflected what we would do if we were there in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. We would have been shouting "Crucify him! Crucify him!" But the love of God did conquer the great divide...

    A bit disappointed that I was the only one from work that went to the CBF today, consider we had enough people to fill up more than 1 row in the beginning of this year. Work work work -- it is getting a bit like slippy slop. A client to help here, and a bit other distraction there, and sooner or later we'll put God that has conquered the great divide behind.