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  1. Got a Flat

    Run flat tirerun flat tire or an inflation kit that mixes air and sealant.

    The secret of run flat tire is basically having stronger side walls so that flat tire will not deflate that quickly. Your top speed is limited as well as touring range. However the idea is, you should have enough mileage to drive to the nearby mechanic to have the tire replaced (with another expensive run flat tire). If you are in the Australia outback where the next service station is 200km away, well then bad luck (and wished you have joined NRMA)! Again, the assumption is, as long as you are around the metro area, you should have no problem replacing a flat tire...

    But it is not true!!

    I went to MBF Bible study last night, and parked my car on High Street just outside the University. When I exit the car, I could hear the sound of "leaking air". By the time I have realised what was going on, the tire on the front passenger side was completely deflated. Fortunately our old Nissan Pulsar N14 comes with a full-size spare, and it took me around 15 minutes to do the swap so I do not have to do it in the dark later. Still on time for the Bible study!

    Then we went to Maroubra this morning to have the flat tire replaced. Disappointingly, neither Goodyear, Beaurepaire nor Kmart Auto on Maroubra Road could do it for me today! It was like everyone was having flat tire party this week and they all told me that they had so many to replace. The earliest that can be done is Monday.

    No problem. My car is still riding on its full-size spare. And finger-crossed -- that I won't have another flat tire this weekend.

    However, imagine I am driving the latest BMW E90 3 Series (oh I wish) with only run flat tires. Then the monitoring system notified me that I have a flat tire. No worries mate! I live in Sydney and there are plenty of repair shops that can replace my run flat tire. Except they are all busy! None of them can replace my gradually deflating tire and the earliest can be done is next Monday -- which means my beloved Beemer will be sitting in the garage for the whole weekend!

    Here is another analogy for the geeks. Full size repair is like having a RAID 5 for your computer. There is always one hot spare, and you are safe as long as you don't have two failed drives tires. Run flat tire or the inflation kit is like having a copy of "SpinRite" with your PC. When the disk drive started degrading, you just pop those disk maintenance utility in, and hope your data can be recovered. You still need a replacement drive, and the data recovery is never guaranteed.

    Moral of the story? You just cannot assume that run flat tire is safe in urban area. Then again if you are driving a Beemer, you won't go to Beaurepaire or Kmart Auto to have your tires repaired.

    Oh, also the announcement that I had a flat tire on Friday.

  2. Just bought a Porsche 911 Turbo

    Zoooom Zooom!!

    Went out doing some shopping last night (thanks Tim for babysitting!) and came back home with a nice silver blue Porsche 911 Turbo! A 997 series I believe. It actually took us quite a few minutes to decide on the purchase. You know, it can sometimes be difficult choosing between Dodge Viper, Nissan 350Z, Ford GT, Lotus Elise, etc. We finally settled for the Porsche for its pure elegance and German engineering.

    But possibly we'll go back to get a few more. Since they are only 1 dollar each from Coles East Gardens.

    Matchbox Porsche 911 Turbo

    Okay. I know it's only a Matchbox, and we bought it for Anna, who probably prefer die-casted sports cars than dolls.

    Now, back to my busyness.

  3. Migrating Cars to LPG? Not Likely Why LPG is still a laughing gas -- because (1) it actually uses more fuel (2) it reduces the power of your car (3) it makes your boot smaller (4) conversion is limited to only a few models. Vivian was very excited last night telling me that Johnny is giving $1,000 away for LPG conversions. Looking at our old 1.6litre Nissan Pulsar hatchback with its tiny boot and only 80kw of power, I shaked my head... Besides, what if LPG raises its price?

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  5. Mayor and his V8

    An interesting local news from last week -- Randwick Mayor Ted Seng of Liberal drives a V8 Holden whereas other Green mayors are moving to push-bikes. So the question is, what sort of car should be provided to city council mayors in Sydney? A $350 Giant? A $40,000 Toyota Prius …
  6. Honda, Mazda, Holden or Toyota?

    In the afternoon, Vivian and I accompanied a friend from MBF to shop for a new car. Basically, she is shopping for a new small'ish car less than $25,000. She has done enough research, and when we picked her up from the Central station today, she was pretty certain …