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  1. Our Nissan Pulsar is for Sale

    We have recently got a new car and are trying to offload my other cars -- the white Pulsar is too small now for the family of 4, and Voyoge is too big to drive around the town. I have just put our 11 year old Nissan Pulsar N15 hatchback on 2 nights ago...

    Nissan Pulsar on Sale

    It has a 82kw 1.6l engine, done around 82,000km, 5 speed manual, and drinks regular unlead. Bought it before Vivian and I were married, and has done a few trips to the Gold Coast and Canberra. Drove it on my wedding day. Drove it to bring both Anna and Elsie back from the hospital. Still going strong, and it would be sad to see it go.

    Interesting after I placed the ad on, there has been a few enquiries.

    • One is asking for significantly less in cash. I was like WTF it is too low (it's already cheap comparing to others on, especially with low mileage). And he said, "didn't it say 'ono' on the ad?" Well, apparently on you can only choose between 'ono' or 'neg'. But even with 'ono' it is still "or NEAREST offer" -- not asking $1,200 below asking price!

    • Got an email enquiry this morning, willing to pay $500 above asking price. That immediately raises an alarm. Then he goes on to say that he is currently in US at the moment, will pay with PayPal and will ask his agent to come and pick up the car. Meh, heard that line before. The next thing would probably be asking me to pay his agent some pick up fee. Go away, and have a nice day, I replied.

    It's still on the market. Contact me if you are interested ($3,999 ono, or special discount for poor Moore students or MTS :).