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  1. Bloglines2HTML 0.2 Released

    I have updated Bloglines2HTML, a small'ish Python script I have written over a year ago, to 0.2. Bloglines2HTML downloads your Bloglines subscriptions and feeds, and convert them into static HTML from a simple template. It enables you to easily "catch up" your news feeds without getting on-line.

    This script has been working fine for me over the last 12 months, however these days I usually dumps the output to plucker format and read them on my Dell Axim with Vade-Mecum. PDA simply doesn't handle large file well -- so with 0.2 I added multi-file option to split the output up by feeds.

    Hopefully someone will find it useful.

  2. Bloglines Sold

    Big news in the blogging world from the last couple of days has to be Bloglines' acqusition by the search engine giant Ask Jeeves. Congratulation to Mark Fletcher, who in recent years have two of his creations acquired by big Internet portals. From what he has blogged on his site, it seems Bloglines service would not be affected at all, which is a great news to its worried users.

    Blog searches seem to be the hot item in the SE world at the moment. Google/Yahoo/MSN are all building their own blog searches, competing against small players that only index and search on up-to-date blog contents. Now with Bloglines snatched up by Ask, would Technorati and Feedster face the same fate?

  3. Bloglines2HTML (generate static HTML from Bloglines)

    Since I last blogged about Bloglines' new REST style web services, I finally had a chance to sit down and code a little application to scratch my itches.

    What then, is my itch? Bloglines is probably one of the best feed aggregator that I have ever used. And because it is web-based, my subscriptions are centrally managed - useful when you are in front of different computers everyday. Bloglines only needs to fetch the RSS/RDF/ATOM feed once every hour regardless number of subscribers, so it reduces bandwidth usage of the news sites and makes it scale better.

    However, Bloglines, the web-based application itself, heavily depends on Javascript. It would not be an issue when a decent GUI web browser is used, however I am doing half of my daily reading/browsing on this text-based browser, which not surprisingly it lacks Javascript support.

    Thanks to the introduction of Bloglines web service, my little script Bloglines2HTML was born.


    I have moved this project to my new programming/Internet blog -- Bloglines2HTML (17 Nov 2005).

  4. Bloglines API

    Bloglines has announced its REST based web service API for the external developers. Looks very interesting - you can now list subscriptions in OPML format and look at aggregated items in RSS2 format. Lots of possibility - gotta go and start hacking something up now. Well done Bloglines! Update: fruit of my …
  5. Command line Bloglines Notifier in Python

    Another stupid script that I wrote as my latest attempt in procrastination. This Python script basically queries Bloglines for the number of unread items you have. A bit like notifiers that are already available on Windows and Mac, except on command line, where ever real man works :) Interestingly Bloglines does …
  6. Bloglines Subscribers

    While browsing Bloglines, I discovered that it is actually possible to see the list of people that have subscribed to your blogsite. Well, at least those who opt to share their subscription lists. Moreover, you can look at what other blogsites their have subscribed to. My interesting discovery of the …
  7. Playing with Bloglines

    I have been testing out Bloglines after reading Kimbro Staken's attempt to replace NetNewsWire on Mac OS X. Currently I am using NetNewsWire Lite on Mac OS X and FeedDemon on Windows to do my news aggregation. However, NNW Lite doesn't have many features in the non-free full version. FeedDemon …