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  1. Blog Moved, Again

    Jumba Over the last week I have moved (yes the good ol site that does not seem to be used by anyone any more) and all my personal sites from VPSLink to Jumba's Virtuozzo VPS. Because

    • It is Australian (servers in Sydney in my case), whereas VPSLink is in US
    • Believe it or not, Jumba is actually cheaper ($10/month)
    • Most importantly, VPSLink sucks after being acquired by Endurance International, and the server migrated to Boston = even higher latency.

    Jumba is not without fault -- had a 48 hours down time the other day. None of the sites here are important anyway :)

  2. Need to Tweet Less, Blog More

    It has been more than 3 weeks since my last blog post, and I blame it sorely on Twitter and I am sure it has nothing to do with my laziness. Hmm. It wasn't the first that my blog was threatened by Twitter, and you would think that I have migrated to Jaiku already?!

    Okay. I did give Jaiku a try because of their seemingly working IM interface. The working bit was emphasised because it worked, but not very well. Stuff I posted sometimes take up to 12 hours for it to appear on Jaiku, and then IM had outage after outage. At the end I figured out that it would have been easier for me to write my own XMPP bot for Twitter -- and that's exactly what I did. A 500 line XMPP bot using pyxmpp + python-twitter wrapper and it does everything the old bot did plus more. Maybe I'll share the code sometime when I clean it up... But I am back to Twitter for now (although thinking about running my own server).

    So I guess it would be a good idea to revise what I have tweet today.

    Enough for tonight. Yes -- need to resist the urge to tweet, but blog more. Let me tweet about it :)

  3. Fake Email and Apple's $4 Billion Market Cap Wipe Off

    TechCrunch: Engadget Knocks $4 billion off Apple Market Cap on Bogus iPhone email. Verdict -- someone is getting into serious trouble. Just a side note -- it is actually not hard to understand why public companies do not like their employees blogging, especially when it is (1) not moderated (2) talking about work. While small private companies can enjoy all the benefits of blogging -- being open, communicative and up-front -- there is probably no such privilege if your shares are traded on public market. A slip of lips might knock off a painful chunk from the market cap.

  4. What to do when you are very busy

    Here are some of things to do when you are very busy. 1. Sleep Less 8 hour sleep is really for wimps -- that is way too big a chunk for your day! And I am not even counting other associated activities that are attached to sleeping, or overhead on "context …
  5. Google is now Blogging Australia

    Official Google Australia blog, and it is also their very first country-specific blog as well. It was just started 2 days ago so not much content yet, but hopefully we will see more action there. It does make me wonder, whether country-specific blog is going to be a trend in …
  6. Top Australian Blogs

    Blogpond: Top 100 Australian Blogs Index, listing all the top ranking Australian blogs using this algorithm, which is basically: R = (3 x A + X + T) / 5 R: Overall rankA: Alexa Australia rankX: Alexa rankT: Technorati rank Sounds fair to me, because this very blog is ranked number …
  7. ESV Blog Responding Being Dugg

    ESV Blog responded their experience of getting dugg in the weekend. Quite an insightful post on Christian blogs, as well as blogs written by Christians. Even if you don't consider your blog a ministry, it serves as one. And, as we found out, you never know when one of your …
  8. Habari, a New Blogging Tool

    Habari: a new PHP5-only, object-oriented and PDO driven blogging tool. Well, everyone has written a blogging tool or two, but I think what differentiates Habari is the momentum behind it -- well known names like Michael Heilemann, Chris Davis, Scott Merrill and Khaled Abou Alfa (i.e. many WordPress contributors) were …
  9. MyBlogLog, Social Network for Bloggers

    MyBlogLog, the site that binds bloggers and their readers together. It's basically a social networking site where you can create profiles, edit contacts, etc. What's unique is its integration with Javascript based traffic logger, which enables bloggers or webmasters to see which MyBlogLog member is visiting his/her site. These …
  10. Information Overload

    6 years ago when I started blogging (on phpWebSite platform which somehow I did not keep any of my old entries), there ain't much to read on the net. Well, for me at least -- my daily readings are Slashdot and the Heralds, that's about it. I thought I've got all …
  11. Preaching and Blogging

    From Darren Rowse the ProBlogger, where he compared preaching and blogging: I loved working up a sermon in the lead up to giving it. Researching, looking at what others had to say on the topic, piecing together thoughts, looking for illustrations and examples (tangents) and then practicing giving it and …
  12. Ping-O-Matic Almost Unpingable

    Not sure what is going on, and I have not seen others blog about it, but for the past few days Ping-O-Matic is not working for me. Web page took forever to load, if it loads at all. XML-RPC stalls all my posting. The only thing that seems to be …
  13. Yahoo 360 a Ghost Town

    Steve Rubel wrote: Yahoo 360: The Blog Ghost Town "Yahoo 360 is largely a forgotten product ... is largely Geo Cities 2.0". It was hip only 13 months ago, and was impressed with their access control. But, I still see lots of people hosting their blogs on for …
  14. No such thing as private on-line blog

    And that's what made this Blondie & Dagwood comic strip so funny. At the same time it is also the same dilemma that troubles many on-line diarists (let's not call them "bloggers"), who always need to choose between "to write" or "not to write".
  15. Is Mark Back?

    Everywhere is blogging about it, apparently Mark Pilgrim has blogged again after 18 month of absense. He's one of my favourite blogger who has gone indefinite-hiatus (you can see from how much I've quoted him in the past). Welcome back!
  16. Getting Tagged for Four Things

    Heard from Vivian last night after the basketball that I have been tagged by this blogosphere influenza known as four things. Not sure who passed that one onto me. However, while I don't always agree with fine developers at 37signals, and I just want to say what Matt has said …
  17. Chinese Bloggers Prefer MSN Space

    52% of Chinese office workers blog, 41% of them prefer MSN Space, and only 27% have their blogs public. Not just office workers but I can see lots of NBFers have their semi-public blogsites on MSN Space. Moreover, "A brave 60 percent of white-collars bloggers criticize their boss on their …
  18. Logos Bible Software Blog

    Via ESV Blog, Logos Bible Software Blog -- a weblog that talks about, hmm, Bible software in general, especially (probably) the industrial leading Logos. Lots of very interesting entries.
  19. Blog Design Mistakes

    Via ProBlogger. Jakob Nielsen wrote an interesting article on the top ten design mistakes. While Jakob has been famous for not applying his own suggestions ( as evidence), he has actually made some very good points in those articles he wrote. Now, let's see what else I need to …
  20. How often should I blog?

    Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote about keeping the signal to noise ratio high in your weblog, and there is no need to write frequently for the sake of keeping the readers, as most of them will keep up with the news feeds anyway. I love the analogy of busy wait and sleep …