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  1. 新譯本的眾裡尋它

    眾裡尋它 感謝環球聖經公會的Jack弟兄從新加坡寄給了我一份他們出版的『眾裡尋它-如何選擇聖經中譯本』 。

    I requested that booklet in late December, and it finally appeared in our mailbox last week, although I later found the online version on their website as well. The title of the booklet suggests that it is about how to choose the right Chinese Bible translation, although the content is more about how CNV (New Chinese Version) is a better translation than CUV (Chinese Union Version). By the way, 新譯本 has changed its acronym from NCV to CNV, because there is another Bible translation that uses the same acronym (New Century Version).

    First of all, I'll say that it is an interesting read, and I can see why the translators of CNV were trying to make it a better Chinese translation than the 90-year-old CUV. However, from the examples given in the booklet, the practise CNV guys took also made it more "dynamic", i.e. not as literal as CUV, in order to bring out meanings of some passages. After all, I feel written Chinese is not an expressive language, so a literal translation in Chinese might make less sense than a literal translation in English.

    Anyway. I've got the booklet in both traditional and simplified Chinese. Give me a buzz if you want to borrow it, but otherwise you should be able to read them online.

    Also we still have 2 box full of ESV-CNV bilingual Bible in traditional Chinese under our bed that need to be sold :) Thirty bucks of Aussie dollar each (much cheaper than buying from the Chinese Christian bookshops). We'll bring them to church on Sunday if you need one.