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  1. Twitter not displaying #tweets correctly

    Twitter - scottyang Just tweet about my recent bad experience with VPSLink's migration from Seattle to Boston (which this blog is hosted on), and noticed that Twitter is not displaying my number of tweets correctly. Saying 828 there but I know very well that there are 3,200+ tweets there, as I ran a scheduled script that backs up all my tweets (which I still not have ported to use OAuth ARGHHHH!)

    That reminds me not to trust the said company to backup all my status updates. It is much easier to locate what you have blogged about than what you have tweeted, if they have not yet archived it to the non-retrievable ether.

    Update: It is actually reported on Twitter status so it's a known issue and they are fixing it now. Except at the same time they are also having availability issues. D'oh.