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  1. Top 500 Sites in Australia According to Alexa

    Need to analyse a list of top sites in Australia, and the following Python scripts helped me to get the site name + domain name off from Alexa with minimum effort:

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    import re, urllib
    r = r'<a  href="/siteinfo/(.*?)"  ><strong>(.*?)</strong>';
    for i in range(25):
        u = ';%d/AU' % i
        for x, m in enumerate(re.findall(r, urllib.urlopen(u).read())):
            print '%d. %s (%s)' % (x + 1 + i * 20, m[1], m[0].strip())

    YMMV. Considering how Alexa has been trying to obfuscate their HTML pages to prevent scrapping, I won't be surprised that this script stops to work tomorrow...

  2. Alexa Updates Its Ranking System

    TechCrunch: Alexa overhauls ranking system where it now uses multiple sources rather than just their toolbar data. I actually noticed the change in Alexa ranking before I spotted the post at TC. Good move I think, at least Alexa is now in the position of competing with Compete and Quantcast, which are almost useless for sites outside the centre of universe United States. OzBargain has jumped from 90,000+ to 49,000+ on Alexa -- but still shows insufficient data on Compete and Quantcast.