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  1. Something You Don't Want to See on a Real Plane

    Yesterday when we were in transit at the Hong Kong airport, Anna and Elsie were playing with the kids' ride that simulates the cockpit of a commercial jet. There's nothing real about the cockpit, but I guess it does not really matter as kids are happy with anything that resemble buttons and blink.

    Anna and Elsie playing with the instrument

    It does have a small display panel though, showing 4 different flight instruments to both pilots. When you pull, push or rotate the control column, the display actually changes -- like a real plane! However only the set on the left hand side works. The instruments would not update when you move the control column on the RHS. Upon close inspection reveals why the displays fail to update.

    Flight instruments

    When you zoom in...

    System Error

    Now, that's something you definitely don't want to see on a real plane!