Coding Projects

A list of programming projects that I have worked on.


ESV Popup

Creates a small popup window to display Bible verses from the English Standard Version Bbile. (Version 1.4 on 2008-04-01)

Google Video Downloader Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet to let you download Flash Video directly from Google Video Search. (Version 0.1 on 2005-11-09)

Scripturizer for Javascript

Search HTML document for Bible passage references, and create links to websites containing corresponding text. (Version 2.1 on 2005-10-12)

Search Engine Highlight

Automatically highlight keywords inside the document for visitors from search engine queries. Works on Mozilla/Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Supports major search engines. (Version 1.5 on 2006-12-08)



Generate static HTML file(s) from your Bloglines subscription. Requires Python 2.3+ and Universal Feedparser. (Version 0.3 on 2006-05-25)

Trackback 'em All

Fetch RSS/Atom feeds and send pingbacks/trackbacks to linked URL in all feed entries. Requires Python 2.3 and Universal Feedparser. (Version 0.1 on 2007-02-28)

WordPress Plugins

Permalink Redirect

Ensure one permalink URL for entries, pages and archives by sending back 301 redirect if request URI does not match. (Version 2.0 on 2008-07-17)

Search Excerpt

Return document snippets around the highlighted search keywords in the_excerpt() function from WordPress search function. (Version 1.2 on 2006-07-24)

Table of Contents Generator

Scans through HTML headings and creates a "Table of Contents" list for your posts/pages. Put <!--TOC--> inside your content to trigger it. (Version 0.3 on 2006-06-28)

URL Absolutifier

Change all relative links and image source in RSS/Atom feeds to absolute URL so they work in broken feed readers. (Version 1.0 on 2007-02-19)


Atom 1.0 support for FeedParser

Adding Atom 1.0 support for Python universal feed parser 3.3. (pl2 on 2005-09-20) [OBSOLETE]


Gravatar Cache

Generic and efficient gravatar caching system that can be easily implemented into publishing platforms. (Version 0.2 on 2007-07-20)