About Playground

This is my playground, my personal blog site where my random thought sits. I will be writing about trend in technology, open source, life in general, things happening in Sydney, and my faith in Jesus Christ. A big mix of things, isn't it?

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About Scott

G'Day! to whoever accidentally steps into this web site. My name is Scott YANG, but you can just call me scotty (my usually login name). I have been blogging here since late 2001.

I was born on a little island in the south east Asia called Taiwan in the mid-70's, and had spent my first fourteen years living over there. My family migrated to the country of Down Under in 1990, and I've lived in a town called the Gold Coast for the first five years. I finished my high school and spent my deprived childhood over there.

In 1995 I moved to Sydney to start my tertiary study in the University Of New South Wales. I did a Computer Engineering degree. After spending four and half years doing assignments and craming for exams, I have finally graduated from my course with a class 1 honour in 1999.

I became a Christian in October '94. I am currently attending the FOCUS Mandarin Church on Sunday mornings on the UNSW campus. Like most Chrisitans, I believe that good man goes to hell and bad man goes to heaven.

Vivian and I got married on 8 April 2000, and now we are living in a nice old semi close to the uni. Both of us are now serving in the same church and the same Bible fellowship. Both of us enjoy good food (Vivian is a great cook).

And yeah. I have got two daughters -- Anna, born in 2004, and **Elsie, born in 2007. They kept me busy most of the time. Can't wait to see them growing up!

Contact Scott

Easiest way to contact me is by emailing me -- scotty@yang.id.au.

I am also on various social networks, though I am far from socialable. Just in case you want to add me to your list: