Hosting for Playground Moved Again

This "blog" has seriously not been touched for over a year. Moreover it felt like I have not blogged for a very long time and almost forgot how it felt to write. Here is just a PSA -- I have moved the hosting for this Pelica powered site back to DreamHost, just to consolidate. After all it's just a static site -- nothing more than thousands of scattered HTML and resource files. Since I already have a DreamHost account (for the last 11.5 years) with "unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth" I might as well use it to hosting this site and let the experts worrying about the servers.

On a related event, I recently acquired a Sydney dedicated server from OVH (the big France hosting company) via this OzBargain deal. After much delay the server finally got delivered almost 4 months later. Pretty good spec (E3-1245v5, 32GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD) but some unrealiable routing. For example round trip to Singapore takes 500ms via New Jersey, and round trip to my Network Presence VPS next door (in Equinix SY1) takes 230ms via LA. Running Debian 8 + LXC at the moment, this will eventually replace the dedicated server I got from Exigent last year. Sneaky Exigent has recently increasing their price by 10% by claiming the plan price is now ex-GST. Actually the 2nd time got stunned by Exigent since 2010 -- shame on me.