Matt Barrie on Australian Startups

Matt Barrie, CEO of, posted this on LinkedIn, looking at how ridiculously bad Australia is in terms of supporting technology startups. This comparison caught me:

Australia puts more money per capita on the Melbourne Cup horse race ($7.27 per capita) than into Venture Capital ($4.09). At least we are risk takers. Our venture capital industry is on par per capita with countries that herd goats as a core industry.

Yes that's sad.

Also here's the discussion on Hacker News, and this guy commented on coding test he has received from one of the Australian company.

Many companies didn't even bother sending feedback to coding tests, and one expected me to pay for the Yahoo Boss API and violate Google's terms of service for a test.

Sounds very much like the old coding test I cooked up at IRESS. I hope they have changed it :)

On a related note, I just went to, an old site that I have used before that links to various tech startup related resources and people. It now has a 300x250 banner on the front page -- advertising "The mining industry is hiring -- Earn over $100k+ working in the mines".

Startup Australia ads

What an irony. No one tech startups are dying.