Kensington Park

3 laps of the park. Almost killed me. #needmoreexercise Bought a pair of Brooks Ghost II last year in the hope of getting back to jogging (bought on OzBargain, of course). So far has been disappointing -- more of myself who can't seem to be able to schedule the time for exercise (oh, the shoes are great).

Got back to weekly tennis late last year (with old Josh) but haven't been at it for a few weeks due to holidays (problem with tennis -- you need someone to play with).

Also bought a bike (from Aldi, $119 18 speed flat bar) and rode to tennis a few times. Sydney road condition sort of deters any serious riding (or it could be because I have been working from home, or just plain laziness).

So here we are -- New Year Resolution for 2013 -- exercise more (just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the...)