Startup & Family

Funny that after I posted my last blog post a few days ago, Jeff Atwood blogged about moving on today at Coding Horror. He is leaving StockOverflow for family reason.

Startup life is hard on families. We just welcomed two new members into our family, and running as fast as you can isn't sustainible for parents of multiple small children.

His comment resonates when I looked at some of the decisions I've made over the last 12 months. Not necessarily quitting a startup. Actually, I quitted my corporate job of 10 years, turned one of my hobby site into a "startup" (despite being already 5 years in existence). Hired my first employee and keeping cash flow positive. It got more and more demanding to a point that I have to let my other hobby site go. "Quitting" was a painful decision to make, especially when you perceive yourself in the middle of "achieve something". But at the expense of your family? No. Never.

These days people often asked me what's my future plan for my business. It's easy to get excited to talk about all the expansion plans & world dominations, etc. I need to remind myself that running a startup is a life style choice that gives you more flexible time to look after your family, help out at church, etc, rather than letting the startup world takes over you.

One day I shall come back to write about the last 12 months. One day, when things settle down a bit.